April 15, 2024

Born in Atlanta Ga as some or shall I say most of the world have traveled too and know this is the city that rarely sleeps. Party, Party, Party, Trap, Trap, Trap. Music is all #Dat Boy Snap know. From the Rough Side of the “A” (Atlanta) The trenches where we were force to take the paths of the wrong route , I manage to tune into myself and realized I had other gifts and talents that I could use besides what I was doing . I grew up around my uncle doing this music since I was, 8 years old. I basically ran with what I learned and just did my own thing.

You know when you the underdog, you always get underrated and it can be a very hard and slow process but at the same time for me, IT was a GREAT CHALLENGE.

It only made me go harder and I only grew wiser and still may not know it all but I advance EVERY single beat , EVERY project that I put together , Every lyric that I write to EVERY cover that I design .

In 2014 I was featured on my first mixtape by the homie (Sawed Off Period) down in Atlanta. The mixtape titled “Da Team” vol.1 featured a lot of underground artist that was doing their thing.

#2015 -#DaTeamMixTape By #SawedOffPeriod

#2016 -Dropped #ThisAllIKnowMixTapes @mymixtapez

#2017 – Released #BlowingStrongSingle

#2018 – #BlowDaMoney

Also Released The Mixtape Project #SecureTheBagVolOne Streaming Right Now On Mymixtapez.com Check Out The Homie Dat Boy Snap projects and share. Looking To Network ??? Serious Inquires Only with an Artist That makes Good Music ??? Link up wit ya boy on Facebook @ Dat Boy Snap / ig @ dat_boy_snap & snappamentary_muzik_ snap

Dat Boy Snap is on radio rotation with the track “Blowing Strong”.

Checkout the music on GOOGLE PLAY

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