June 13, 2024

JordanLivinGood’s real name is Jordan Galbreth, he’s a young Texas artist, songwriter, producer and sound engineer. Jordan Galbreth, also known as JordanLivinGood, started making music at the age of 10.

One day, his cousin was making music in Jordan’s room, so Jordan asked his cousin, “Can I make some songs?”, as a joke. By which his cousin said “Sure!”. So, Jordan used his cousin’s home studio, to record his first mixtape! He fell in love with music ever since.

He then began directing videos, making beats by his producer name Rhyme King, and setting up his own home studio, with the most top notch software he could find. JordanLivinGood has the love and passion for music as if it were a relationship.

He makes songs from his own true feelings, life stories, and personal inspirations. With his diverse experience in music, Jordan can make many different styles of records, which include pop, hip hop, R&B, and so many other genres.

JordanLivinGood is on radio rotation with the tracks: “Beast Mode” and “Jordan”.






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