May 29, 2024

Noble is a hip hop artist who has his own style which is grounded on a lyrically foundation without using explicit language. His latest track is “All I Ask”. What I enjoyed most about this track, straight off the cuff, is the lyricism that Noble delivered. It wasn’t the bullshit bars that are considered to be hot in the current crap of mainstream. It’s the bars that make you rewind and listen to again just in case you might have missed something. This is the brand of hip-hop that I fell in love with growing up. As a contributor to the Hip Hop music and culture, Noble shows the responsibility to support a level of skill and a depth of insight through his music.

“All I Ask” is a track that goes beyond the mere short value of like and dislike. It’s an art form that refuses the way of the quick dime rhymes. Instead it promotes a relationship built on honest emotion and sentimental integrity. “All I ask,” says Noble in the song, “is that you don’t cheat. All I ask is no deceit. And don’t take me being sweet, like I’m on your leash or like I’m weak. All I ask is don’t mistreat.” The message is clear, the narrator is asking for a relationship that displays loyalty, dignity and respect.

Currently these three little words are probably the most abused concepts in real life, just as they are in the hip-hop culture, where conniving hedonistic activities are proudly proclaimed before awe-inspired audiences.  The principles laid out in “All I Ask” clearly sets Noble apart from his contemporaries, both as an artist and as a songwriter.

Furthermore the artist’s technical prowess is exhibited flawlessly throughout the song, and as such his career is of a prospect of potential that no doubt should rise higher in achievement with each subsequent release. If “All I Ask” is in line with this ascension theory, then it is an enormous jump for the artist.

The opening bars of the song is the immediate proof, as the production spins a warm mid-tempo soundscape with punched drums for emphasis.  By the start of the second verse, perfection in continuity is reached brilliantly between instrumentation and lyrical flow.

Indeed, Noble chases and catches bars effortlessly as his flow, intensely enunciating, brings unique characterization to it all. His natural phrasing and precise syllable structure lets his words linger, no matter how fast they run by. Noble delivers what he knows.

He is an artist doing his part to justify hip-hop as an art-form with positive substance, combating the deprived voids caused by a largely hedonistic indoctrinated youth. He is a perfect example of not buying into the commercially-forced sound that inhabits the industry, contaminated with verses and concepts that will never be remembered in time.

If it’s true that hip-hop artistry, in both its written and spoken form, is benefited by aging and experience, then in future Noble will produce an even stronger craft than we are witnessing here.

“ALL I ASK” can be found on CDBABY, ITUNES, SPOTIFY, AMAZON, GOOGLE PLAY and all major digital download stores.You can follow and find out more about NOBLE on INSTAGRAM


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