July 16, 2024

South London UK based urban artist Suave_uk started out performing in choirs at a young age before progressing to local shows during his college years. Currently hosting at various clubs and venues across the UK, Suave_uk has released a vast number of singles over the last couple of years, and is working on his mixtape to be released soon. His latest track, produced by Rogers, is entitled, “Sassy Thing”. Building off the momentum of his previous work, Suave has dropped a surprise track here.

Despite its snappy title which alludes to a crisp upbeat production, the track flirts with the slow-burning ultra-modern melancholy flow found in the emo-rap style. Showing that Suave keeps his ear close to what’s happening on the streets to stay relevant in an ever-changing urban music scene.

As opposed to last year’s releases, the production on “Sassy Thing” goes for a beat that conveys deeper, emotional sounds, hanging over the track in a crepuscular fashion. Given such a moody palette obsessed with vibes, it’s no wonder that the song will make a strong impact for its diversity from Suave_uk’s catalog.

To increase the track’s mysterious aura, Suave’s vocal delivery sits somewhere between that of Post Malone and Future. Which means you’ll be mesmerized by the voice before you get to grasp the lyric sheet. The ascent of artists such as Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Xan, and the late XXXTentacion, created the perfect storm for this kind of sound.

Emo and alternative rap has been on the incline, and Suave_uk has now found yet another medium where he can put his feelings, and alt-pop and rap sound on full display. The production on “Sassy Thing” encompasses a smooth variety of sounds and textures, something that’s completely missing from some of Suave_uk’s aforementioned colleagues.

The beat flows really well with the overall design of the single project allowing Suave’s twisted vocal inflections and effects to come to the floor. He opted for a similar eclectic delivery on one of his other tracks, entitled “Zodiac”.

Unlike some of his recent contemporaries, Suave_uk congregates his style with a great bit of thought, utilizing the sonic platform necessary for a solid song. His impassioned delivery creates a sense of actual emotion, without the need for a prescribed narrative. His mind is a finely-tuned instrument, and his songs can be every bit as evocative and sympathetic as his creativeness intends.

Suave has returned reinvigorated in his music for 2019, aptly reflecting his feelings and giving us his raw emotion. While seeking broader success, he doesn’t forget to be himself and be comfortable in his own skin, because he knows that helps him to make good music.

Every new Suave_uk release is different and every song is powerful. “Sassy Thing” is complex and mature without being too self-indulgent, which is something a few rappers could learn from. This is an independent urban record through and through, and Suave proves that he is aiming to have his region’s underground rap game under lock and key pretty soon.



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