July 19, 2024

DJ Debias is a DJ and producer currently based in Boston, MA. Originally from Queens, NY, DJ Debias has been passionate about music ever since he was a kid. At an early age, he developed a keen interesting for melody and rhythm, and he started producing tracks and making mixtapes when he was just 13. In addition to working on his solo endeavors, Dj Debias, along with The Juggernaut and Diss One, is also a member of 1200 Percynt, a trio of DJs active in the Oregon nightlife scene. The latest track by DJ Debias is “Believe”. The track sonically expands into a lush wave of ambient melodic beauty. Soft twinkly piano and guitar chimes, and deep laidback vocals float in and glide across this ever expanding layered soundscape. As the track develops the thumping drum beat, throbbing bassline, and overall musical arrangement complement each other perfectly, as you begin to realize just how mature DJ Debias’ musical and production skills are.

“Believe” is DJ Debias best work yet, pulling together all the loose ends of his oeuvre into something sleek and smooth. DJ Debias truly pushes this track to its limits, implementing every idea and effort to his best ability and it is truly something special.

The listener can imagine themselves floating through a world of soft lush blue light as they watch everything pass by them and the track inevitably becomes bigger and more exciting, but never hurried. The spoken word vocals in the verses and the instrumental sound layers create lush and beautiful motifs, giving the listener the sense that what they’re listening to isn’t quite from this world.

“Believe” is sweetly spacious, electronic, and also lightly organic, with its vocals alternatively morphing between the spoken baritone and a distantly booming melodic refrain. This thing sits adorably yet totally unassumingly. There’s a mystical emotion to it, beyond a dreamy bliss.

The neat trick to “Believe” is that by being smoothly unobtrusive, it invites an objective appreciation for what’s beautiful in sound. Its bobbing bass underscores a harmonized whisper: “Believe in me, like I want to believe in you” – the sentiment is enough to ground the song in something tangible.

Tracks like this offer DJ Debias a voice that projects his own as an artist, a crucial element to making his projects so intriguing. He has some compelling sound sketches in his catalog, and when they’re fleshed out, they’re amazing.

He relies on interesting chord progressions, intriguing instrumentation and diverse vocals to speak for him, and these are indeed beautiful components, but on their own they don’t get to the heart as powerfully as when DJ Debias isolates the timbres and tones in such a way as to build a sense of expanding lushness around them, as can be heard on “Believe”.

The music here is pure feeling giving texture. One hopes, that given some time to sit and stir in early 2019, “Believe” will eventually soar, because this new chill, but weighty Hip-hop induced, electronic sound tapestry from producer DJ Debias is every bit as compelling and exhilarating as we can expect.


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