July 18, 2024

Will Ready is considered the total package of smooth R&B, Soul, and entertainment. The fact that he has opened shows for music legends such as Chaka Khan, The Temptations, The Whispers, Al Jarreau, Zapp, Midnight Star, Slave, and Howard Hewitt, among others, plays testimony to the aforementioned statement. Recording and performing professionally for over 20 years, Will’s approach into the music world was not an easy one, but one he now considers a destiny of fate. At 6’4, his potential and passion naturally leaned towards basketball, but a devastating knee injury ended his sporting college career. But music came to his rescue, and soon Will would follow a new path, and eventually find himself at the helm of Ready Music Business (RMG) – a full music service business, built for successful entrepreneurship.

Now with 6 CDs under his belt, and the new one, “Black Coffee”, set to drop during the first half of 2019, Will Ready has released the lead single “One Night Stand”, taken from the upcoming album. It’s been years since R&B has been dominant in the music industry, but regardless of commercial success, R&B artists continue to grind.

Many continue to release quality material.  Will Ready is among those. “One Night Stand” is a welcome addition to Will’s collection.  Respectable and sound, it is a tried-and-true slow jam, as opposed to breaking into new territory or assimilating to modern R&B. Which is the best possible news for the genre.

Considering he’s an O.G., Will has no intention of compromising his artistry in 2019, so from the get go, the expected classic R&B cues are firmly planted: a romantic palette of shimmering sounds, luscious background vocals, sweet and soulful crooning, and a sexy story-line.

Through the lyrics and vocals, it truly showcases his confidence when he steps in the booth. Something that has kept him in the game over 20 years. One thing I can really appreciate is the way he’s able to be sensual and not trashy with his lyrics.

Yet at the same time the desirous yearning of the song will make any woman throw their underwear at the sound system. Will’s voice is undeniably lovely. It’s a dripping, sensual and sparkling taste of Isley Brothers-esque heyday.

Truly, Will Ready has a great voice and a serious instrumental behind him. Will’s fans and critics can expect a song with infectious vocals and most of all – flexing it strong for the eighties and nineties without compromising what the fluctuating trends may dictate within the current urban music industry.

There are no squealing synthesized parts in this track which usually give songs that modern sound everyone is doing. I’m not fully on board with artists abandoning their lane to grab new followers and stay relevant, by complying with new age sounds in a classic genre such as R&B.

Sometimes they get so entrenched in the soundscape they’ve trying to create there is no punch or soul in the music. Luckily, Will Ready steers clear of those modern encumbrances, and sticks to the classic pathway, for our pure listening pleasure.



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