July 16, 2024

You’ve heard spoken word poets. You’ve heard rappers who sing. You’ve even heard singers who rap. But you’ve probably never heard anyone of these, anywhere near the caliber of The PoeticRockstar, when it comes to mastering all three of the aforementioned crafts. Emerging in 2009 from the DMV-area, The PoeticRockstar writes and performs his own original work, in a style he calls ‘Neotry’ – a charismatic and stylistic combination of Jazz, Neo-Soul, R&B, HipHop, and Poetry. The artist has practically taken the next logical step in blending these genres. He exists in a rarified musical atmosphere and his fearlessness in feeding his musical muse is a defining characteristic of his career. The PoeticRockstar’s honey-tongued vocals and poetic lyricism, layered over dreamily lush instrumentation and urban-styled percussive syncopation drive his projects.

The PoeticRockstar’s latest tracks, “Energy” ft. London Savoy & Mister Marvray, and “Pressure” ft. Mello Will & Mister Marvray mirror all of his talents in an undeniable way. These songs take the listener on a journey through a conscious, impassioned labyrinth that only artists as intensely creative, conscious and sensitive are able to forge.

The sultry, stimulating track, “Energy”, paves the road for the journey ahead, taking the listener away into a dark, sensual abyss. The song beautifully transitions through the sweeping male-female vocal interludes, accentuated in the intense celestial-inspired landscape, featuring shimmering guitars and spirited percussion.

The result is a track with an entrapping environment that’s both hauntingly ethereal and somatic. The PoeticRockstar’s triumphant optimism radiates through, making it a standout selection for those going through hard times in love. Perusing the incapacitating qualities of the ‘energy’ of love, the airy, passionate track is well-accentuated by a superb feature from singer London Savoy.

The PoeticRockstar and London Savoy have superb vocal chemistry on “Energy”, which is as much to thank for the success of the song, as is the songwriting and production itself. The two eclectic musicians were definitely meant to collaborate.

The PoeticRockstar’s exceptional ability to encapsulate experiences with strong emotions is highlighted once again in “Pressure” ft. Mello Will & Mister Marvray”, where the three vocally, paint a fiercely ardent picture of crushing the burdens of tension, stress, depression, addiction and all the mental pressures brought upon us.

The PoeticRockstar exhibits a magnificent vocal tone here, showcasing the expression and nuances of his natural instrument. Mello Will & Mister Marvray are absolutely up to the task here, supplying ample support to make sure the song transmits its message in the most impactful way.

After succumbing to a track like this, it’s hard not to be on board with The PoeticRockstar’sNeotry’ agenda, and even if it’s not your listening lane, it’s difficult to dislike or disrespect this man’s artistry. From the tone of this review, you already know what the takeaway should be – this is one sensationally profound artist.

But if you are a follower of The PoeticRockstar, you already know the sheer depth and intellectual vibe of his previous work. Authentic artists always desire to explore, erase, and push the boundary lines of their chosen medium, taking risks, and bending the universe to their creative will. The PoeticRockstar is an authentic artist.



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