June 20, 2024

Band Boyz (Campbell Rambo & Chris J.), combine an element of old school funk to a new school hip hop sound. The two Los Angeles producers have played drums throughout middle school, high school and college, and now professionally play and produce music together. Their latest creation, is the single “Bounce with Me”. Band Boyz is modern smorgasbord of hip-hop beats and funkadelic rhythms—a musical gumbo made by a collaboration intended as a gift to the fans of the world.

They are championing a rhythm that unites instead of divides. It’s not long before you realize these dudes mean to tap into our human desire to celebrate cross cultural and musical pride via dance. It’s a positive philosophical proposition that’s written out in a beat so succinct and universal as to suggest the track was composed entirely with good vibes.

“Bounce with Me” is dance music as a celebration of crossover pride, in a language anyone can understand. On the face of it, it would seem pretty hard to overlook a unit like Band Boyz. They have the kind of ultra-trendy image, kitted out to look like doyens of the club scene.

This may even add up to the ‘total package’, music marketers so often speak about. Add that to the irresistible groove of “Bounce with Me”, probably one of the best underground, urban-edged dance-pop singles out right now, which skillfully manages to cram Funk and Hip Hop into one insanely catchy trip of pure pleasure.

As Hip Hop become more and more a complete parody of itself, lost in a mountain of codeine and topped off with mumble rap, Band Boyz step back from the dumb posturing and gangsta accoutrements to make a bright, feel-good and truly great record called “Bounce with Me”.

The floodgates will open and so will the minds – as Band Boyz prove you can do anything with instruments, groove and a microphone, not just slag and brag. In the beat they have a striking focal point, as Campbell Rambo & Chris J. have an intuitive and inspired skill with molding sound too.

The track is like a musical firework shot up into the sky to indicate that a new era is about to dawn. The song is the embodiment of the Band Boyz’s retro futuristic, and optimistic world consciousness. It’s a surefire way to get everyone from club kids to sorority girls on the dance floor in an instant.

And while the current musical sub-genres all define the desolating angst of this generation, Band Boyz seem a more appropriate expression of the optimism and opportunity that we should actually be aiming for, if we are to save our souls in any way.

Listen beyond the beat and you’ll soon discover the undeniable power of their message, and the vivacity of their spirit. There’s so much to love and revere about this genre-bending duo.

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