July 12, 2024

Pap.Arazzi.Me is a new album by ReadJ, loaded with punchy pop melodies and unique ideas and influences. ReadJ is a talented recording artist who lives in Atlanta, Georgia. His sound is a strong combination of pop, R&B, cool electronic beats and everything in between! He is a very talented artist who loves to create music with a diverse and innovative range of influences.

Yet, his songs are catchy and appealing to a very broad crowd. What makes ReadJ stand out is definitely the fact that he is all about connecting with the audience on a much deeper level. His songs are memorable and easy to relate to, and they are really spot-on, with the right brio and playfulness!

This is exactly that kind of album that you can enjoy from top to bottom. The sound production totally matches the vibes of the track, and it highlights all of the perks of the song’s simple, yet effective arrangement. The beat is powerful, yet effective, serving the melodic elements of the music while allowing the vocals to shine.

Tommy Stoner

On top of it all, the vocal performance is absolutely stellar, because it feels very energetic, but also emotional and edgy. The low end of the tracks is really fat and punchy, while the mid-range is warm, but never harsh. In addition to that, the top end has a nice, silky tone that really contributes to a smooth sounding mix that puts the vocals at the forefront

Ultimately, any fans of great pop music and energetic hooks will definitely enjoy this release, so do not let this one fly under your radar, you’re truly in for a special treat!

With a winning combination of his charming personality, great production aesthetics and good old-fashioned quality songwriting, ReadJ is a new name to watch out in the music business!

Find out more about ReadJ, and do not miss out on “Pap.Arazzi.Me” and other releases from this groundbreaking talent.


Pap.Arazzi.Me is for GOD Alone

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t no Hater

Pap.Arazzi.Me is an Eagle

Pap.Arazzi.Me can Dance out of any situation

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t got no shame

Pap.Arazzi.Me Ain’t bulletproof, GOD is bulletproof

Pap.Arazzi.Me Fears GOD Alone

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