April 19, 2024

Fatima Revne is a passionate R&B singer came out with her debut single, “The One”, in 2016. In 2018 she released two more singles, namely, “I.L.W.Y” and “On My Mind”. Now in 2019 she drops her brand new track “Feel Good” produced by DJ / Producer WNDR. Listening to Fatima Revne’s new single, is like floating into a dream. Filled with her silvery voice, electronic production and an unabashed openness, the track feels less modern R&B and more millennial neo soul, meaning the instrumentation is rich and vibrant, not shadowy and submerged. It’s a song that genuinely feels like Fatima’s artistic vision. It is far brighter and more captivating than I was expecting.

Fatima blends emotion and floaty detachment, not hiding but framing herself within the composition, like a nymph soaking in the deep blue of a warm ocean. Her voice is distinctive in its velvety caress which she pushes to its sensuous limit, constantly evolving and winding around the synth-driven electro-beat.

It’s the sound of a young woman unapologetically layering vulnerability and pride in an increasingly complex and sensual landscape. Aching for its pop encrusted sound, “Feel Good” contains the hit-making quality that Fatima Revne most definitely deserves creating.

The overall presentation and irreversible solid songwriting, melodically and artistically, impresses wholeheartedly.  Fatima has an amplified voice, while her clever songwriting thrives to leave a concrete impression on the listener with undoubtedly captivating melodies.

Not only did she step her game up vocally and lyrically, from her previous releases, but she also ensured that the track’s sound was unique and current by securing the services of WNDR behind the boards. The result is a catchy, multi-faceted track that really impressed me, and reeled me into her world.

Fatima Revne arrives with confidence on “Feel Good”, leaving the usual genre trappings, in favor of something far more powerful. Here she displays a new sense of confidence and freedom in her craft and self. Truthfully, there is something amazingly alluring about Fatima Revne.

She has a combination of natural beauty, sophisticated charm, and intellectual freedom. You honestly see her as a woman who is really getting comfortable in her own skin. To me, Fatima Revne is the evolution of musical legacies such as Jhene Aiko, and Erykah Badu. She is a reflection of the modern women’s quest for self and fulfillment.

It is rare to find an artist who tries to branch out of the norm and is effortlessly unique in the process. The thing is, Fatima Revne doesn’t try, she just is who she is, and she deserves all the attention she has been getting. Her collaboration with WNDR has been magic, and their chemistry is beautiful here.

But besides her beautiful sound, Fatima has the aura and appeal to match it. She is truly the kind of artist this generation needs. She embodies authenticity, and is graceful in everything she does. Fatima Revne has proved herself as an intense and contemplative artist, and I cannot wait to see where her artistic mind will take her music next!


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