June 20, 2024

I love TwonnTravolta because, since dropping his first track, he’s ushered in his own style of lyrical, emotional and tuneful artistry for his fans. While many of his colleagues are content with dropping one-dimensional rap tracks, TwonnTravolta music paints more accurate pictures of life’s experiences. Sure, he revels in life’s joys but he also grapples with its downsides. Combine his storytelling that’s light-years ahead of many of his contemporaries and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be mentioned in the same breath as some of his more colorful peers. His not perfect but, honestly, that’s what elevates him from the current caricatures masquerading as rappers. He’s human. And that humanness comes through in his music, reaching its apex on his latest single, “AutoZone”.

TwonnTravolta knows who he is as a rapper and singer, and has fun with the freedom that gives him to express himself. As soon as the song plays you know something is going down. TwonnTravolta goes in on this. I must have played this song a tens of times since first listening to it.

The drums in the beat underscoring the rapper’s flow is awesome and the warm shimmering keys add a great touch. He clearly has a wonderful ear for production. I also love how TwonnTravolta actually shows such cool emotion in this and it helps him greatly.

“AutoZone” is down to Earth, relatable material. It’s human, and its exactly the type of material that TwonnTravolta should stick to. Here he has sharpened all his strengths and created a body of work that represents nostalgic appreciation as well as a refreshing outlook on a genre he’s clearly passionate about.

The track is balanced under a sinister drumbeat that makes you just want to hop in your car and roll down the highway on a midnight drive. It’s a moody and at times chill song with a faint R&B influence on the beat giving it a sleek throwback aura.

TwonnTravolta has definitely found his lane with “AutoZone” and it should also be noted that as tight as his raps and beats are on his EP “Breakups Make Fire”, the production and groove here, is right up there alongside it.

“AutoZone” shows TwonnTravolta in his finest hour with complete creative control of his work all the way through, honest moments of self-awareness pull the track together over poignant production and the result is easily one of the grooviest and tuneful hip-hop singles of the year. This new found confidence should propel TwonnTravolta to dizzying heights.

“AutoZone” is refreshing, the track’s true beauty shining through in the details — the story, the references, the beat, the smooth flow, and the fact that there are no other features – unusual in today’s musical climate. There is plenty of introspection and a definite sense of TwonnTravolta balancing being current and timeless. It’s damn good, and TwonnTravolta’s understated abilities will never cease to leave you impressed.


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