July 18, 2024

Carlo Frigeri is a singer-songwriter from Tarija, Bolivia. Inspired by his father who is a music lover, he began to make music in 2015, incorporating influences such as Pink Floyd, Arctic Monkeys, Gustavo Cerati and Nicola Cruz. Clearly someone who’s comfortable with intimacy, it’s when Carlo Frigeri demonstrates close familiarity through his gravelly that he truly shines on his songs. Whether it’s through his confessional lyrics, or the starker, emotional songs of yearning, there’s an entrusting core that is liberating, and is, for the listener, heartwarming.

Similarly reflective and electronic, “The View” seeks a solution to an imminent rupture. The narrative displays a desperate balance between liberation and vulnerability. It begins stripped down, with Frigeri’s fraught pleas, and builds up to a reassuring momentum, as he sings: “Nobody got me but you got my light in your skin, and I just want you tattoo my soul again. But someone said “who wants a glass of Gin”. Then I’ve got this view of the life in your hand. Oh. This colors are saying you won’t stop right now. And I’m like oh oh. We just need to dance it’s so cold.”

Carlo Frigeri is an electronic troubadour that enjoys his craft – weaving subtle flavors of Soul, Blues, Pop and EDM into an easily appreciated message, it’s not difficult to see his appeal. And there is enough substance here on “The View” to warrant continued interest in his development. This is a track of genuine intent, full of poignant reflections on the past, the present, and the future. It’s got heart.

If I had to describe “The View” using only one word, the word would be: poetic. For a moment, let’s forget about the chilling vocals and the beautiful musicality of the track. Let’s focus on the honest and confession-like lyrics that were written for the sake of this track, and the emoting vocals in support of them.

There is no doubt in my mind that Frigeri meticulously put these words and melody together. His voice carries the song in an effortless matter, and no matter what you think the song is about, he makes sure you feel every single lyric.

For all the gloss and floss of the self-produced beat that accompanies “The View”, Carlo Frigeri is very much at home in his earnest ruminations and bluesy tones which maintain an earthy feel and rootsy emotionalism. The song has undeniable authenticity, as Frigeri belts out the poignant lyrics with notable emotion and impact.

He demonstrates tremendous musical range in both sound and style, exhibiting an uncanny ability to capture genuine feeling in short phrases. His powerful, soulful voice intertwines with his distinctive production style to form a truly riveting sound.

Carlo Frigeri is brimming with genius and untapped potential, teasing the world with his awe-inspiring compositions.  He tells it like it is, and it feels like he’s having a conversation with listeners.

It’s that connection that makes this song and his other songs so pleasing to our ears. Such a blend of talent and self-assured creativity from a thoroughbred singer-songwriter could revitalize both the electronic and pop music industry.


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