April 12, 2024

The four-octave vocal range singer-songwriter, Heather Fay has been paired with Grammy-award winning writers and producers, Tony Haynes and Lloyd Tolbert to build her catalog. Produced by David Ellis and co-written with Hurrt and Haynes, Heather Fay released her single, “The One” on March 22. Starting out in her hometown Kansas City, Missouri, where she worked as a model, Fay moved to Los Angeles and began to capitalize on her love of music. She started teaching herself to play piano at the age of 9, and writing music by third grade. Subsequently she recorded and independently released two singles, of which the second, “Let’s Get Close”, caught the attention of Bungalo Records by CEO and President, Paul Ring and led to her signing with the label.

Heather Fay gives her all on “The One” – sounding edgy, soulful and transparent. With R&B at the record’s pop core, listeners are granted raw, passionate lyrics and a catchy chorus, accompanied by a groovy and tastefully produced beat. Her voice hits you in the right places and stirs your emotions effortlessly.

It’s truly hard to listen without getting just a little excited. And if you watch the visual, then getting excited is just the start of it. Fay is as sexy and sensual, as she is talented and vocally gifted. The combination of these captivating elements make her a totally irresistible package.

Throughout the addictive bars, Fay sounds confident from start to finish, making it clear that women can be brazen and in charge of their desires and choices. She sings about being ready to open her heart to love and discovering if the guy could be ‘the one’. The mood is intimate but outspoken and energetic.

This is like a tantalizing yet playful club banger that you can’t help grooving to. The music gets a hold of your body and sends a seductive current throughout your veins. There is an unabashed level of candor and honesty that I absolutely love.

Without a doubt, this track is relatable, as it’s a situation we’ve all been through, so Heather Fay brings to light something so real for many. With that said, “The One” is hypnotic in all of its facets, and hard to pry away from. From the opening mesmerizing warm keys, I knew right away I was in for something incredible, and Fay delivers that undoubtedly.

Her voice is as smooth as it is charming. She knows what she wants, and she’s got the writing and singing chops to do it. If she continues to push and deliver her music like she does with “The One” than it appears she’s got quite a future ahead for herself.

Saying Heather Fay is sexy and super talented, may just be an understatement, with the right kind of marketing game-plan, she will be way more recognized and given all the appreciation she deserves. Heather Fay is in a league of her own, a rare treasure in an industry full of mediocrity. In the meantime, “The One” has managed to climb its way onto my favorites list.


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