April 16, 2024

Malachai Hilt, aka Chef Mal, is a Maine based Hip Hop Artist who grew up in Tucson. He started writing and producing his own music just 6 months ago. Building his circle with artists like Epic Genie, Nat The Genius, and JG Beats, he’s been able to produce 14 Songs. His single, “Feel Me” like Chef Mal’s manifesto, a man releasing the things he’s had on his chest, bottled up for so long. Sometimes they come out in the form of hard-hitting lyrics, other times in verse. Just reading those lyrics don’t do them enough justice. It’s Chef Mal’s impeccable delivery and cadence that makes each syllable sound like an atomic bomb. There is a heavy undertone and vibe throughout most of the track, which is complemented by its authentic and well-crafted production created and executed by the rapper himself.

Chef Mal delves deep into his own psyche, his grind, his rehabilitation, and the world as he views it through his focused lens. While simultaneously fueling up on unapologetic anarchy, Chef Mal captivates the rhymes with a grand and bold delivery, giving bone-chilling inner-confessional memoir style flows.

Ones that create descriptively insistent wordplay, but refrains in his subtle and undoubtedly potent storytelling without going for a one-two punch of shock and horror. Even more effective, is Chef Mal’s eerily calm presence, making the track more delightfully grim.

“Feel Me” is a track that grooves, rocks, bangs, and provides a bittersweet meaning of his personal and artistic freedom, and previously wasted intoxicated lifestyle. The Maine emcee has an innate talent for the kind of rap very few can do so well.

He makes it look easy as he confidently, and clearly, spins verse after verse with head-spinning proficiency, jumping from word to word without ever losing his footing. Add that to the now deep and diverse discography behind him and Malachai Hilt, aka Chef Mal is hard to pass on.

Chef Mal has grown a lot as an artist, increasingly efficient at balancing all the styles he pulls from. On “Feel Me” there’s a sense of self-awareness and confidence that seemed to have been less evident before. Chef Mal is more certain of his artistry and anchored in his roots than ever before.

Moreover, he seems more focused on his own personal craft than simply pleasing others. You can hear it as he establishes himself as a fast-tongued, unfiltered contender in hip-hop. “Feel Me” puts forth his distinct style and offers a better understanding of who, exactly, Chef Mal is as an artist.

I think Chef Mal is fully aware of who exactly he wants to be in hip-hop: a proud, raw, unapologetic emcee, something the game’s been missing. And while he is not a household name just yet, Chef Mal’s production skills also set him apart from the rest of the rappers out right now. “Feel Me”, like many of his other tracks, deserves to be heard by all audiences, as he is an incredibly magnetic performer.


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