July 20, 2024

Understanding the current state of rap music is key to understanding any new release. This includes Walt Finesse’s album, “The Finesse Way”. In the album, he uses very accessible rhyme schemes and patterns to create a catchy and methodical vibe in each of his songs, a style that you will have noticed is very popular in current rap music. Ultimately, the mood and the vibe set is sensational. The production is clear and stable, and Walt drops incredibly catchy, infectious lines. The record is great because it shows Walt Finesse perfectly playing with words, while he sounds like he’s having fun, and keeping his rapping polished. That makes for an attractive listening experience. Furthermore, Walt’s vocal cadence, gives every track charisma, and he creates some nagging hooks along the way.

On “The Finesse Way”, the raps careen from Walt’s witty cockiness to introspection, and perfect honesty, while his rhymes stay tight and punchy all the way through. The new album doesn’t just reach for radio so much as concentrate on offering up the sharpest iteration of Walt Finesse’s sound with his closest collaborators, including his brother, and label partner at The Notables Independent Entertainment Company, Benjamin Ken. Benjamin features on three tracks, namely: “Barz”, “Bigger Man” and “Gucci”. The producers on this record include Re, Davion Newble, Travis Cherry and FKI SAUCELORDRICH.

If you’re looking for atmospheric banging beats, you’ll find plenty here. And one of the things I definitely have to give Walt Finesse credit for is the fact that he complimented these beats very well, and even made them more entertaining.

Right from the exuberance of the opening track, “Right Now”, Walt never lets up. He doesn’t just drop easy rhymes and booming brags, but deploys subtle flow switches and memorable lines. “Wit The Ish” and “Ruthless” house lots of stuff to dig your ears into.

Specifically, it’s the chemistry between Walt’s deliveries and the production that makes these tracks and many of the most memorable hooks from the entire album so potent. Songs like “No Time” and “Today” deliver sentiments relating to typical trap tropes and act as a sort of swagger-based word salad to add to the overall sonic wallpaper that gives this album so much vibe.

“All The Way” and “Run Up A Check”, on the other hand, witnesses Walt Finesse provide some notably varied melodic and rhythmic structures to pad out the songs’ run-time with some genuine substance.

“A Lot On My Plate” matches the previous tracks with an assortment of flows and inflections, to back up the solid songwriting skills. In fact, Walt’s songwriting is packed into a succinct, animated and forcible performance.

Ultimately, however, the appeal of any given popular modern-day release is relatively straightforward.  If rife with infectious flows, sticky hooks, well-placed verses and witty punchlines, such a release would almost certainly meet the minimum requirement for a solid project from the artist.

In this sense, Walt Finesse goes way over and above with “The Finesse Way”, unlocking his potential to upload rhymes that would satisfy most rap fans, and highlighting just how important the chemistry is between the rapper and the production. This is a commendable project from Walt Finesse. It validates his graduation into the urban music game and shows forth a rapper hell-bent on making himself a force to be reckoned with.


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