June 13, 2024

Bronx NY Independent Publisher/Recording artist Zion Antoni releases “Black Jesus”. The nostalgia and truthful piece noted for Zion’s rapport and signature. The Urban Cry LLC.  “Black Jesus” is a portrait of upbringing perspective vision and reality under the sun.

The stain and remembrance of foundations, experience, and the strong narrative told in inner city New York babies post 70’s 80’s till now. Cocaine, community to politics.  Black Jesus is vision, belief, economy, love, war, causality, survival, and vision. Zion, as business proprietor and publisher remains the Avant-garde connoisseur, original. Enjoy Black Jesus, 2 minutes plus of the raw.

MORE ABOUT: Zion Antoni is a Freelance Journalist and Grassroots independent Recording artist/Record producer from the Bronx NY.

He is the Founder/Chair of The Urban Cry LLC, a limited liability company with two main branches: Freelance Journalism, and an independent record company. The Urban Cry has administered to hundreds in American inner cities and has also extended reaches internationally.

The Urban Cry in its independent ascent labored extensively in the grassroots, streets and record pools through freelance publishing, radio, activism, and books. Zion advocates consciousness in his own influence, respectable markets and brand.

Find out more and follow Zion Antoni and The Urban Cry LLC on FACEBOOK.

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