April 10, 2024

YB Kalisterr is a 14 year old rapper from LA California, and like most young and upcoming artists, he has the bold ambition to work towards being rich and famous by writing and engineering his own music. Heavily influenced by passed on, South Carolina rapper, Derek McAllister best known as Speaker Knockerz, YB Kalisterr states that he will do anything to get some fame so he can achieve better things. There may be no place more synonymous with hip-hop than California. With the blazing sun, the capital of music has been cooking up tasty musical dishes for decades. This is where some of hip-hop’s best talents have been born and bred. So it’s no surprise to find an ambitious fourteen year old here, with an enthusiastic game plan. As classic talents continue to shine, the new age of Cali rap is on the come up, and YB Kalisterr is aiming to be on that list.

YB Kalisterr recently dropped his single, “Sole”, produced by BigTBeats. YB sports a creative and solidified flow. A catchy and controlled cadence lances on top of a piano-driven, trap induced beat. YB’s relaxed demeanor with emotionally and sentimentally inclined lyrics build a singular feel that only he could write himself.

It’s an unusual theme in a generally misogynous genre, and sets YB Kalisterr in his own lane, a good distance from his more hedonistic peers. YB is primed to continue to the main stage eventually, if he keeps oiling his insane individual talent, paired with this sensitive demeanor.

Listening to this song is a one of a kind experience that you would love to bump on a sunny day. YB Kalisterr knows how to tell a story, and bring a positive message through his music. While listening to “Sole”, I tried to compare YB Kalisterr to some other rappers I know, but this young dude only resembles himself, which is a damn good sign for anybody starting out in this business.

Here everybody is trying to clone everyone else’s success, and mimics are a dime a dozen. Somehow this youngster eludes this dilemma. Whether it’s accidental or premeditated, only time will tell. But for now YB Kalisterr is strictly himself.

YB Kalisterr is definitely worth the listen. With his talents developing and as he continues to realize his style, he will be a force coming out of Cali. With a banging beat, an ear-warming auto-tuned vocal flow, and insightful lyrics, he can weave together a story that will grab the hearts of listeners. His enchanting voice and ease of words builds a listen that anyone can enjoy.

With just a short discography, we are left with only a hint of what YB Kalisterr can offer, but that’s what makes new music so interesting.  There’s a massive amount of independent hip-hop in California, but at only 14, YB Kalisterr has the opportunity to amplify his artistic skills and add to his resume for many years to come. That gives him an extra edge!


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