July 23, 2024

About The Single: H.Mil is back with his newest electronic/Latin R&B single, ‘Can’t Pretend’. Like H.MIL’s previous records, ‘Can’t Pretend’ combines R&B with electronic and Latin vibes. Undoubtedly, this single is perfect for the summer. The lyrics talk about needing that special person back no matter what, and not hiding your true feelings. H.Mil does an incredible job yet again at combining genres. Moreover, the artist’s unique talent results in anthems. Additionally, his story-telling ability through the lyrics make the songs relatable. Accompanied with the single is a music video that will catch the attention of every viewer.

About H.Mil: H.Mil, otherwise known as Henry Milford, is an R&B pop artist hailing from the U.K. and currently based out of Dubai. H.Mil brings a fresh electronic and hip-hop fusion to his genre-crossing music with a commercial draw. He has only been making music for the past three years yet each song is filled with wisdom and knowledge. Through lyrical storytelling, he lets the listener understand his years of experience. H.Mil is an up-and-coming artist to keep your eyes on and ears open. Though significantly new in the music world, his songs speak experience and talent.





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