April 16, 2024

Not too long ago, DJ NoMis was a less-than-well-known DJ entertaining his own ideas on creating distinctly amazing sounds to a rapidly growing phenomenon through the rise of the electronic dance music movement. He learned how to write, produce, and record professional-level music in his home studio and then started his own production company. Since then he has been growing his brand, and catalog. Today we got delivered the double sided single, “Identity” by DJ NoMis. This dynamic producer has been a regular on our pages with a sequence of stunning EDM releases. From the beginning, he has always promised an intensely varied selection of music, with tracks fitting on broad spectrum between bangers and beauty. What he delivers here is just that – a journey through differing sonic landscapes, from high-octane to introspective, each track is enchanting in its own way. We believe “Identity” to be a thing of creative brilliance.

In the opening track, “Idk” (feat. Matthew Clanton) an elegant melody gives way to a warm synth hanging onto its rich, foreboding tones. The swell of the opening track is nothing short of cinematic. The synth motifs continue to wander on top of the melancholic bass and Matthew Clanton’s tripped-out soulful and melodic vocals add a mischievous edge.

The measured, pseudo-minimal feel has been sharpened by the forces of R&B and Pop, giving this track an undeniably sexy groove. Chilling and visceral from the moment it starts, “Idk” is a breath of fresh air in a noisy EDM atmosphere.

The deep, driving bass line gently propels you forward through waves of spacey sound. Songs like this showcase the restraint and intuition DJ NoMis has developed over time. This song is all-encompassing, but never overwhelming. It belongs in the beauty section of the producer’s growing catalog.

The ensuing track, “Wildlife” (feat. Jordan Fox), churns with a deliberate mid-tempo pace; it quickly reminds us who we are dealing with. This song is a beautiful interplay of electronic and symphonic elements.

It is a most excellent example of DJ NoMis’ predilection for building intense, but smooth musical landscapes. Jordan Fox’s vocals are resonating and inviting, while the song builds steadily underneath, one layer over another. A steady, unflinching beat drives this track along with the force that’s both determined, yet restrained.

Here DJ NoMis has managed to once again magically manipulate epic sounds into something beautiful and dynamic. An intricate weaving of melody and rhythm colliding together, this track shamelessly showcases the skill and precision apparent in only the most seasoned of producers.

Perhaps this is one of DJ NoMis’ most balanced releases, this double track release, showcases the hugely imaginative and ruthlessly progressive talent of the producer. Equally important to his career is his ability to hang on to the style, sound and swagger that makes him the ambitious figure that he is.

One thing is certain, DJ NoMis has truly mastered the art of collaboration, clearly bringing his signature style as a foundation to each track while showcasing the performance talents of the featured artists so well. DJ NoMis once again proves why he is in the running for the ‘King of the Soulful EDM Sound’ title!


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