June 13, 2024

Suave_uk is an aspiring UK based RNB and Hip Hop urban MC, who found his passion for music when performing in the choir at a young age. This rapidly progressed to performing at local shows during his college years. Currently hosting at various clubs and venues across the UK, Suave is also in the process of producing his first mixtape, after having released a number of singles in the past couple of years. His latest single is, “Let It Go”, produced by Blunted Beats. Impressive rhyme schemes aside, the song tackles a narrative about the ebb and flow of a relationship, until the final curtain closes. It’s both a personal, and universal theme that will resonate with anyone who has lived, loved…and lost. While Suave’s previous tracks were oozing with unfiltered creativity, “Let It Go” is much more focused and builds a cohesive, linear narrative that leaves an indelible emotional stain.

As a fan of the music, it is impossible to disregard any one of Suave’s works. Of course the root of this high regard is result of a few key elements: Superior quality control, distinctively relatable lyrical content, and never banal production choices. Everything that Suave repeats with bonuses on “Let It Go”.

His flow and demeanor is laid back here, as he raps in a conversational tone, as if talking to a friend and disclosing personal anecdotes. This results in an intimate and impacting listening experience, where the audience is drawn into Suave’s storytelling.

Simultaneously, the mastery of his words and smooth piano driven soundscape create a languid atmosphere. Hip hop is all about attitude, and if an emcee has enough of it, he can make reading the phone book sound like the end of the world.

But Suave proves that ‘attitude’ doesn’t mean coming on hard and fast, or ranting and raving in a breathless manner. Attitude is the simple confidence with which you affront the subject matter at hand. And here Suave shows off all his aplomb, while dealing with a troublesome and afflicting narrative.

Despite the advent and popularity of mumble rap, Hip hop is essentially still a verbal art – and words mean power. It is that power of words, which Suave exerts so impressively, all across this track, instead of simple cursing and screaming into the mic. Something many of his contemporaries cannot do without.

Suave is undoubtedly not concerned with asserting dominance over others in his class, as he never sounds hard-headed and arrogant. Instead his confidence is enough to allow him to focus exclusively on the song and getting his message across to the listener.

Suave_uk is like a blend of a delicacy, and your favorite pair of jeans; he delivers specific sounds which sound so comfortable and familiar. His flow is organic and liquid, and is particularly effective when he is discussing matters of the heart. Like he does on “Let It Go”, produced by Blunted Beats. The results are pure synchronicity.


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