May 25, 2024

Run through Producer and DJ IllEGAL NOiZE’s catalog, and you’ll uncover a whopping diversity of beats, remixes and sets – from Trap, Hip-hop, and Dubstep, to House, Trance, Progressive and just about anything else that will set a dancefloor on fire. Clearly this beatmaker is a focused, uncompromising and consummate creative. More than 10 years down the line from his initial launch into the capricious and often ruthless musical playground, IllEGAL NOiZE has had to drag himself through the industry sludge and slime to come out shining with a brand new moniker and a reloaded onslaught with unlimited promise. One of IllEGAL NOiZE greatest strengths, which comes to the fore almost immediately on the “Trap & Hip-Hop” collection of beats, is his uncanny ability to make any emcee sound 10 times better than they already do.

Pick up this trait on the opening tracks “Crash Land – Weapons (iN Remix)”, “IDFWU Ft. J & Jaye”, and “Derek Minor Of Course Ft. Illegal NoiZe”. No doubt, many will find their true voices within the stunning tracks from the Santa Fe-based producer. Of course once the pure instrumentals kick in, you catch a glimpse of all of his skills.

IllEGAL NOiZE shows a unique flexibility and verve in his tracks, they’re like a glowing life that drips, melts, and are ready to mold around the any voices, providing the precise support and frame that rappers so desperately need.

There’s something inherently glowing about his beats. From “Crash Course” and “Li3v”, to “Only1”, “Live Forever” and “Trouble”, onto “Something Short” and “808’in”, all these styles are jammed together into a single kaleidoscope collection which showcases IllEGAL NOiZE’s depth of reach.

The 26 tracks contained within this package, provide ample evidence of 360-degree skills. Moving on further down the track list, its beats like “Chronim” and “Iced” which prove that IllEGAL NOiZE is in fact the master of his own domain. It leads to an eclectic listening experience, and that is all a part of the excitement.

IllEGAL NOiZE chooses to color beyond the lines and create what others haven’t heard. He shows zero restraint when it comes to his beatmaking. He’s consistently experimental and his choices are more than often unconventional. The “Trap & Hip-Hop” beat collection, is an eclectic mix of rhythm, style, and tone.

From the moment you press play you will be blown away with its unique sound through IllEGAL NOiZE’s ability to blend genres and sounds. The sleek, hip-hop-influenced sounds of IllEGAL NOiZE’s palette cannot be limited to time; the interconnectivity of his beats threads through the decades.

IllEGAL NOiZE – The Story So Far: Initially he started out as Axno/Azno/Asno, in an experimental version of himself, which he deemed to be his learning period. After that came Lilbroz, that profile which found its comfort in the growing Electro-House movement, is still around today, thanks to WaxDJ not deleting their accounts. The move to the Kornmanz moniker followed, with IllEGAL NOiZE dabbling with Fruity Loops and stepping up his technical prowess. These mixes have been mostly lost to copyright violations and constant hosting changes.

Mixes were posted to DJForums and huge internet fights broke out. Threads grew out of proportion, forums crashed, and Kornmanz was eventually banned for starting “flame wars”. This gave birth to DJZ, and the switch to Ableton Live. DJZ started getting bookings and peaked with headlining shows, but due to his attitude, and what he describes as “the toxicity of the scene itself”, he was backstabbed and outlawed, making it hard to find work. However the crowds were still enchanted by his work, and he started to amass a vast number of plays on Soundcloud, Mixcloud, and other platforms.

Soundcloud alone afforded him over a million views, as he squeezed out remixes, bootlegs and mashups. This is where all the attention prompted Universal Music Group and Sony to dish out DCMA notices, eventually leading to DJZ losing his Soundcloud account in 2014. The woe didn’t end there either. Another company trademarked DJZ and created, where they promoted then rising stars such as Skrillex, Deadmau5 and many others. When contacted, they would not feature DJZ’s music on their platform, and planned instead, to acquire his Soundcloud account and launch their mixing app of the same name.

A year they changed their name to CrossFader and left the name DJZ to rot and die. In 2015 DJZ was no longer. He was diagnosed with cancer, and disappeared from the local scene. But like a phoenix, Illegal NoiZe now rises from the ashes equipped with a MPC Touch, a new keyboard, and a host of plugins. He has redefined his style, sharpened his attitude, and finely honed his skills and is ready to start all over again in 2019!

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