June 24, 2024

Despite being underrated, TurnUpWater is an extremely talented artist.  Vocally, the R&B and Soul singer, has mad chops, and a twisted songwriting slant, which gives his latest track “Codependents” ft. TokAnt, a curiously captivating flavor. It initiates lushly, showcasing its urban identity from the onset.  Interestingly, the record has a moody, alternative R&B feel, while still maintaining the soul we’re accustomed to hearing from genre. Rhythmic drums and a sick bass line anchor the joint, which is a reflection of soul-baring intensity, saturated with honesty, love and a bit of pain.  The singer/songwriter’s tender, yet firm vocals ride a chill mix of urban groove and electronica. Melodic euphoria gently unfolds, as TokAnt’s idiosyncratic verse blends into a quaint mind massage. This nouveau futuristic banger fuses clean electric guitar motifs and wistful keyboards which carry loads of meaning and emotion. When you envision next level R&B, TurnUpWater is the prototype.

The song is the perfect showcase for TurnUpWater’s immaculate vocal clarity. It is truly stunning what can be done when a beautiful voice is given room to breathe. The artist gives the impression of being extremely competent in putting a song together that not only complements his voice, but feels like it comes from an honest place.

“Codependents” ft. TokAnt is probably one of the more unique R&B/Soul tracks of the year. While it falls in line with the recent current of modern R&B counter culture, TurnUpWater proves himself to be a true innovator in the genre.

Though simple in its construction and execution “Codependents” can be described as art. This song is not just what some marketing team decided would reach an audience or market best; this is a heartfelt and personal song being shared with the public. And isn’t that what art is supposed to be?

It doesn’t matter what your music preferences are TurnUpWater’s eloquent style will make you feel something. He fully fits the modern trend of quirky, talented up comers ready to hog the spotlight. With the right collaborators, all that’s needed is time, space, and experience for TurnUpWater to become more of his creative self.

The variances one hears in his voice and a singularity in tone, is uniquely his. While the traditional techniques of R&B and soul music are present: TurnUpWater isn’t trying to sound like anyone else before him. There are no mimicry affectations here that are sometimes quietly accepted from other blue-eyed soul artists.

TurnUpWater uses his own modern urban palette, and approaches his songs differently. He utilizes feathery brushes of delicate phrasing with an assuredness and control – spare, unfussy, but devastating in its emotional impact.

Furthermore TurnUpWater demonstrates he is an artist who fully understands exactly the sound he wants to create and the artist he wants to be. A rich, full production complements and supports his vocal capability with a comfortable ease. TurnUpWater just gave me a reason to check out for any future releases, because if they sound like this, then, for him, the best is yet to come.


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