April 14, 2024

Mizgin Demircan, better known as Mizgin, is a Swedish singer and songwriter. Her promotional single “Get You Off”, mixed by Phil Tan, released in 2014, climbed to #4 on the MTV Top 100 chart, where it stayed for 12 straight weeks. Mizgin, who started singing from the age of 8, comes from a Kurdish family, but was born and raised in Sweden. Her latest single “LA Birthday” was produced by Jankovskiproductions, and feature on Mizgin’s EP “Green treez and other thingz”. The new single captures much of what makes Mizgin so great. She is at her best when she lets her playful sensuality and impassioned vocal meditations slip free, and here her powerful vocal cords holds court in a cool understated measure. It fits this dynamic R&B and dance-pop record that feels neither tenuous nor overwrought, striking about as clever a balance as one can strike in today’s ever-changing music economy.

Mizgin’s quaint accent, supported by the reggae inflected rhythm, is a rare instance of enunciation elevated to art. She manages to sound both classy and sassy, as the overall honesty and earnestness expressed through her voice adds a sense of genuineness to “LA Birthday”.

Unlike many of her contemporaries, Mizgin is the real deal – a genuinely gifted singer and an energetic performer with an uncanny ear for a potential hit song. The track rolls along with a chill vibe which makes you want to neck back some drinks and just sway.

“LA Birthday” is an infectious slice of modern pop ingenuity, with unmistakable exotic clasps and dripping bass wavers that push Mizgin’s voice to its smoothest and sexiest. No matter how much you may dislike the genre, you would be wasting your time pretending that you don’t enjoy this song, because everyone would know you were lying.

Say what you will, but Mizgin knows how to make a damn good catchy record. “LA Birthday” is meant to be fun, catchy, sexy, and danceable, and it succeeds in reaching all of its goals.

After the impact that she has made on the pop and R&B scene, back in 2014, it is almost inconceivable that Mizgin is currently not riding high on the mainstream charts alongside some of her peers.

But it seems like she is getting her act together on “LA Birthday”, and is ready to grab a slice of the industry pie that she probably deserves by now. Mizgin sounds bold and brassy when she’s warbling over a hot beat and singing about carefree things like her birthday, and the result is a song that is both ear-friendly and dancefloor-ready.

Mizgin genuinely sounds beautiful on the verses and croons with such perfect tone and an overdosed amount of swagger. “LA Birthday” is an example of a song which very few artists in the mainstream game could pull off as well as Mizgin does. Urban radio and clubs will spin this regardless, because “LA Birthday” really is a banger.

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