April 19, 2024

Halfway Human is a new music duo hailing from Southern Ontario, made up of executive producer, Chris Rainham, and artist, Dylan ‘Blazar’ Sutherland. They have just released the single “The Cruise”, lifted from the upcoming LP of the same name. The track is a hybrid of Hip-Hop that combines the grit and melody of alternative music and excitement of electronic music with the thumping flow of traditional Hip-Hop music. Throughout, the entire track is on fire, and doesn’t let off once. In a hip-hop landscape littered with studio gangsters, bedroom pimps, and brooding thugs, Halfway Human prove that the best move rappers can make is simply to be themselves, and let the music do the talking.

Emotion has long been an integral component of rap music, but it often takes on familiar and endlessly recycled forms, instead Halfway Human push the emotive boundaries with hyper-literate lyrics, and super-nuanced flows that ascend into soaring melodic choruses. This duo represents an evolved rap package.

From beginning to end, the track is just so captivating you can’t but help but go back and play it again. Not only is “The Cruise” complete with its hip-hop swag, but it’s very creative too, as Halfway Human sound extremely motivated on every aspect of this project.

Dylan ‘Blazar’ Sutherland’s technical skills are on-point as he not only keeps his rhyme patterns complex and unorthodox, but his narrative relatable. People who appreciate hip-hop for the emceeing will enjoy dissecting Sutherland’s wordplay and following his rhyme patterns.

Those who are more into the production side of things will love the way this track flows seamlessly from verse to chorus, and the way Chris Rainham is able to flip instrumental into a wide range of flavors in the song’s diverse sections. Halfway Human not only makes 2019 sound like the year of the creative producer and killer emcee combination, but the year that sees the genre revert to quality over quantity.

Unfortunately that’s not really the case, as Halfway Human form part of only a handful of artists trying to push the genre forward in a positive way. Many of their contemporaries are just out trappin’ or mumbling their way to the bank. This collaboration just makes sense; the production here is perfect so as to allow the raps to breathe, and like all great production, it makes the rapper sound fantastic.

The track lets you know exactly what’s going on as soon as you hit play, just in case you’re late to the party. Dylan ‘Blazar’ Sutherland makes the spot his own and goes in hard from the first verse switching the pace up with rapid fire rhymes bar after bar.

There’s no doubt in my mind that this track will do a great job of expanding the Halfway Human sound to fans across quite a few genres, as they’ve cooked up a euphoric, harmonic, and energetic musical platter. These two are on the top of the world right now, and they’re showing signs of being eager to climb even higher!


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