April 16, 2024

Mastersellers Music is proud to be releasing his new single AIN’T NOTHING WRONG from the upcoming CD/ALBUM; ALL THE HITS, the follow up to DANCE FOR ME which held the #1 spot on the Billboard physical CD charts for Two weeks. The Mark Williams is a singer songwriter who specializes in bridging the gap between today’s hip hop/trap & classic old school R&B, creating a sound that has it’s own identity without compromising either genre. “This comes from the solid group of producers I worked with, Ku Dolla, DJ Funky, and myself have figured how to stay true to who I am and also being true to today’s musical atmosphere. These talented group of guys put a beautiful glaze of today’s musical \ production techniques on my sophisticated musical vocal arrangements making it feel fresh and clean to today’s listeners”.

The Mark Williams is a music business renaissance man whose has been involved in many of the major music & entertainment movements in the past 30 years. As a producer, manager, television producer, actor and promoter, The Mark Williams has been able to work with many of the greats in the music business from Smokey Robinson, Rick James, Musiq Soulchild, MC Hammer, Babyface, Salt & Pepa, Katt Williams, The Dells, Mike Epps, Teddy Riley, Keith Sweat and New Edition. I think you get the drift he’s been involved with this industries big dogs for a minute. Now Mark is doing what he does best and that’s write beautiful songs and sing. Mark is an immaculate singer such voices are rare to find and it seems as though his voice was specifically made for the genre of music he sings, Mark is a one-man army, what I mean by this is that he is a singer, actor, and producer, so when you listen to him sing, it’s like listening to now, then and forever that’s how sweet his vocals fit into today’s beats. “I come from the era of great singer songwriters and I’ve brought some of the greatest songs ever recorded to the public so I know what a hit of any generation sounds and feels like”.

The Mark Williams possesses one of the great locutions in modern R&B glinting and willowy, his voice guilelessly skims over beats, and therefore, showcasing the unique art in the beat, in fact, he possesses an unbeatable charm. On his 10 song collection called ALL THE HITS you can feel an elasticity in his chosen voice which accompanies each track has only one purpose, goal, and interest and that the storyline touches you in your feet or soul. Mark is not a singer that leaves you wondering what he is up to in his music. He slips from one romantic conquest to the next with an unvarying approach to the interest of his audience. Is he the Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Barry White, Smokey or Ron Isley of today?

When you listen to this dude you know he’s mature, sexy  and smooth. The Mark Williams eases from delicate sensuous love songs to bombastic dance songs to political from house to reggae. His smooth & silky 1st and 2nd tenor and forceful baritone and bass keeps the listener from pigeon holing this talented artist because he doesn’t sound the same on each song. When you watch The Mark WMS perform, you can tell he is comfortable on stage, the energy and vibe that follows his performance will tell you that he understands his audience and that he is an expert in showbiz and production. Mark has a great collection of songs like: FUNK WITH ME, IN THE MOOD, WHATCHA GONNA DO, BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, RISE UP, DANCE FOR ME, THUG WIFE, WATCH ME DANCE, and PARTY WITH YOUR BODY.

The Mark WMS has a way of sliding gently into low-to-mid-tempo, bottom-heavy beats, simple melodies laid out with a few sturdy chords, Mark pliantly sings to any beat and allows the beat to pass through as he makes his way through the beat also, Mark slides up and down the scale as he seduces, sexes and then reasserts his commitment to unapologetic single-dom. He often vocally references R&B from the 1970s and early 2000s that creates a style that easily controls the beats of today’s grooves and production techniques and as you listen you clearly recognize that he is a master of his craft.

In conclusion, The Mark’s sound cuts across all generations, everyone gets to start nodding in delight and admiration every time Mark approaches the microphone and opens his heart, the lyrical content of his songs are out of this world. I say to you that once you press play, the content of his songs opens up your imagination.  This mode starts to feel addictive. The choruses of his songs echo a reality of both the streets and the heart. Romantic, Gangster, Party man, The Mark Williams is not one that can placed in one format which is a delight to the listener. Whether you’re a hip hop fan or are into straight up R&B you immediately recognize that The Mark Williams is a rare gem in the industry and he no doubt will provide great leadership in the music of the future.

The Mark Williams is on radio rotation with the tracks – “Ain’t Nothing Wrong (Trying to Get My Money On)” and “Watch Me Dance”


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