April 16, 2024

Amynot was born in Taiwan and moved to New Zealand at the age of 1. A father of two children, he enjoys working hard to provide the best for his family. Amynot grew up in a real estate background and shows love and interest for modern music. He enjoys making music that is real and to the core, while he shares his awareness for legal and illegal drug abuse, promoting the idea “know your limit”, for betterment and self-well-being. Amynot is currently promoting his single, “Polo Heets”. The track takes to its enlarged scope in visuals and sonics extremely well for an independent endeavor.

The glossy production and sing-song flow melts together, meaning that the best rhymes are subtle, yet they always stand out immediately. Whether he’s rippling out on the verses or dropping bursts of ad-libbed vocal tones, the largely smooth piano-driven production coats the dynamic edges that differentiate the flows.

This is Amynot’s first music release, and he has jumped and bitten at the opportunity, putting all his talent and resources behind the project. He has chosen to do everything by himself – from the music to the video there are no commercial studios, labels or any other industry company involved in the project.

But then again, Amynot may just be too eccentric, unpredictable and creative for the industrial music machine, anyway.  “Polo Heets” feels like a step in the right direction rather than a destination, proof that the Kiwi hip-hop artist has ideas of putting together more adventurous musical packages in the future.

Using his voice as an instrument, Amynot switches his flow so often you never know whether he’s about to dive into the beat’s pocket or explode in an entirely unpredictable direction. It’s that constant gear-shifting that keeps his listeners fueled. He drops one liners which can get caught in your brain when you least expect them.

“Polo Heets” offers Amynot’s peculiarities in streamlined form, making it easier for fans to admire his strengths. There is no gap between his inventiveness as a rapper and the catchiness of the beat beneath him. It is one fully formed aesthetic.

“Polo Heets” is proof that an Asian Kiwi can put together a sleekly catchy hip-hop song easily enough. If Amynot is a genius songwriter after all, that genius can be heard in this song, regardless what his cultural or social roots are. Furthermore, he is also showcasing the Asian society and New Zealand lifestyle, whilst at the same time promoting awareness for drug abuse. And that’s already a whole lot to bring to the table.

On “Polo Heets” he flows seemingly nonstop over a meticulously engineered beat and his unconventional rhymes transition flawlessly into clever tag-lines. These attributes should be enough to earn him a following from within the underground rap and hip-hop community. So the only question left now is: Where will he go from here?


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