July 19, 2024

Out of OC California, comes LIL T with a track called “Walk the Walk” ft. Bishop. Like many of his contemporaries, the rapper forms part of the new wave of artists at the vanguard of a new movement intent on trampling down divisions between hip-hop, trap, emo and rock. He replaces mechanical fury with opiated nihilism, fluttering hi-hats and a post-ironic nostalgia, producing something fiercely contemporary, with a laidback, nonchalant flow.

What’s particularly notable about called Walk the Walk ft. Bishop is that it excels in a conversational context – LIL T and Bishop seem to be exchanging views in a personal talkfest, making the song feel at once fresh and familiar, swarming with nihilist hedonism and infectious rhymes that pierce the bare-boned instrumentation, while managing to cover new sonic ground in an accessible way.

LIL T’s ability to convey his deeply personal feelings through music is a gift. Whether he is distraught and angered over a relationship, or discussing drugs and guns, the simplicity of his songwriting makes his music easily relatable to angst-ridden fans and that’s precisely why they should gravitate towards him.

The fact that Bishop’s vocal delivery is a counter to LIL T’s flow, only adds an extra dynamic to the song, keeping listener interest high, as the two engage in a lyrical crossfire. Sonically, the track is somber but melodic, hovering at the intersection of where emo meets rap.

The stripped down honesty, and raw lyricism works as a catalyst in the music. The haunting lyrics on one end, and the vicious melody on the other, pools around in your head. The track seeps into every crevice of your brain, using the soft and loud dynamic between the two rappers.

At the center of the mix is LIL T’s voice. His canny style mixed with a hypnotically drowsy delivery. His rhymes are alternatively deadpan, bone-chilling and empathic. He shows that he has the skill to write a song that is quite devastating and smart at the same time.

LIL T’s grounded vocals paired with the sparse and somber instrumental, embodies the sound of down to earth frankness, but also the beauty of LIL T’s creative mind, showcasing his immense potential. “Walk the Walk” ft. Bishop describes the dangerously thin line of a reckless lifestyle that some just talk about, and others really experience – hence ‘walk the walk’, and not just ‘talk the talk’.

Today, aspiring musicians, regardless of location or level of talent, have many platforms to expose millions to their art and can exist completely outside of the industry, allowing them an unprecedented amount of freedom and power.

This project serves as a breathing testament to LIL T’s art and shows the intense passion and care he puts into his craft. Furthermore, it shows that he can exist outside of the mainstream environment, and create on his own terms. No doubt, with “Walk the Walk” ft. Bishop, LIL T is moving ahead rather impressively.


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