June 13, 2024

Maryland rapper Wannybabyy is riding high with his latest album “Coming in Smooth Pt.2”. Since his 2018 releases, he has evolved far beyond his contemporaries. He’s become far cleverer lyrically, he’s discovered more flows and has even improved his cadence and emotional impact. Wannybabyy has definitely gotten all-round sharper and the growth he’s had both as an artist is undeniable on this album. From the jump, things feel soulful and thoughtful. Over the backdrops, the Maryland rapper delivers some potent bars and infectious, super catchy choruses, as he trades one banger for another.

The big payoff comes in the form of the single, “Been Hard” ft. Lil Jo & Marlo, considered the album’s centerpiece. On this luxurious track, Wannybabyy and the features seem to be on autopilot, exchanging whispering flows, passionate verses and melodic hooks. They confidently ride the malicious-sounding piano keys and trap-like percussion.

Its change of pace to hear the gentler, and introspective side of the rapper. While this isn’t as overt as the hard-hitting bangers in the collection, it packs a mighty emotional punch, contrasting everything else on “Coming in Smooth Pt.2”.

This music is so intriguing and reassuring. Tracks like “Been Hard” ft. Lil Jo & Marlo re-illuminate Wannybabyy’s originality and shows the listener why this man really is part of the future of rap. He has a story to tell the world and he will – that’s his purpose, and his effort pays off as the listener can heavily relate to his music.

His approach is effective and distinct, as he hands in his best work to date. An improvement such as this, from project to project, denotes a clear dedication to his craft. Here he make us value his place in the genre.

He cared about this track, and the whole album for that matter, and it shows. The melody, lyrics, and beat are all on point throughout this song. Wannybabyy also grabbed features who complement his style. The tone of the song is cool and smooth, so layering that with a honey-coated flow is a perfect recipe for a fire track.

Besides the beat, the delivery and transition by all concerned, is flawless throughout.  Wannybabyy comes with a positive perspective, as an artist who is working hard to become an integral part of the industry.

Self-improvement is not easy, it is a journey of contradiction and constant self-doubt but you have to keep moving forward. Something Wannybabyy has achieved with flying colors, considering what he has achieved on this latest release. It feels as if he has gained even more self-confidence than he already had, and navigating his music the way he really wants to.

There can be no doubt that Wannybabyy is well on his way to becoming a generational talent. He has taken a giant leap forward with “Been Hard” ft. Lil Jo & Marlo, and the album, “Coming in Smooth Pt.2”. Now, Wannybabyy is ready to seize the spotlight!


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