April 19, 2024

REM Unknown is a 20 year old rap artist located in Tampa, Florida. Influenced by 90’s hip-hop (2pac, Nas, Biggie) as well as modern rap (Trippie Redd, Travis Scott, XXXTENTACION), puts him in a strange middle ground, a place most fear to tread. He is a new wave artist that is bound to shake up the game. For a few years now, rap has forgotten its roots. Littering itself with colorful gimmicks and ridiculous antics to make the public forget the artists’ lack of talent. This guy is damn good – there’s no denying that. His lyrical ability and strong flow make him standout, while his melodies and production choices are off the charts, and a statement to his competitors. People have become so blinded by media hype that they haven’t been able to judge the music they consume on their own accord. REM Unknown’s 3-piece project “Hell”, should open our eyes to what we have been missing.

The opening song “Bound”, Produced by Kevin Katana, not only has substantial verses from the artist, but it carries an energy of confidence and consideration. It calls back to the classic days of rap where talent, lyricism and craft were respected and praised.

Built on a jazzy soul groove, this song has a resonating impact, not just because of the lyrics, but because REM Unknown knows the power he possesses and he is ready to put his abilities to the test without cheating. You can sense the tactile awareness when he sings: “Life is more beautiful / When you fill it with dreams / And the nightmares / Are never as bad as they seem.”

REM Unknown’s smooth delivery and acumen for choosing beats on this record are high-points that match the atmospheric storytelling, which all come together perfectly on the mesmerizing title track, “Hell”, Produced by Ty Savage.

Here the rapper finds a way to make his melodic driven rhymes sound natural, and is able to flex his voice in a way that enhances his emotional narrative: “Now that you left me all alone / I have this Hell to call my home / My skies are grey, my eyes are red / It’s only lies, that’s all you said.” REM Unknown consistently produces music that reflects on both the demanding nature of the ever-changing rap industry, and his own hard work.

REM Unknown raps with intense conviction. Even skeptical listeners will likely feel moved by his rhymes on “Dreams” Produced by Ty Savage: “She’s not who she seems / Take it from me / I’ve seen what you’ve seen / And it seems like a dream / Until you wake up and see / It’s not what you made it out to be.”

The project has strong lyrics, and memorable production, and is extremely cohesive in manipulating its central theme. It features a range of thought-provoking songs, exploring the emotional battles, inner demons and mental chaos associated with flawed relationships.

Throughout, REM Unknown’s artistry is excellently executed, and is definitely a must listen for hip-hop heads and casual listeners everywhere. Regardless if you’re from the old school, or the new wave of urban thinkers. The album was engineered by Blaze Bangers, while Majin Boof took care of the cover artwork.


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