June 13, 2024

I still marvel how much music is out there, unexplored and just waiting for the unsuspecting lucky listener to stumble across something as beautiful as this. Even though sung in a different language to what we’re acquainted with, the tune will be easy for the western ear to adapt to without any problem, even as the singer stays true to her musical roots. Melodic and heartfelt, with a strong spiritual flavor this great recording deserves special attention. Who am I talking about? Gokeys Dokeys of course.

She is singer, songwriter and a recording artist, born in Burundi but based in Kentucky, as a U.S.A. citizen. Her latest single is called “Mkombozi” and was produced by Mr. T Touch. This follows her previous singles “Ivyisi Vyose” produced by Phil, in Louisville Kentucky, and “Tulisifu” produced by Mr. T Touch in Dar es Salsaam, Tanzania.

In a refreshing change from much of our regular pop fare, Gokeys Dokeys’ work is not only musically satisfying, but has something worthwhile to say. Her rich, melodious and joyous voice is deeply affecting as she emotes life’s lessons, perpetrated by the immune and inevitably suffered by the disadvantaged.

Her messages are inspiring and loaded with spiritual inclination. Her way, is the way of the Lord. Something she is extremely proud of, and it comes shining through her music. Gokeys Dokeys has the capacity to build songs, often to transcendental heights with sweeping vocals and a sense of landscape. Her voice is awesome in its positive energy, and it is also very rooted, while it soars brilliantly.

The music resonates with hope, love and humanity. The stunning arrangement of “Mkombozi” is sleek and modern, vibrating with its blend of Dancehall and Gospel, while the sentiments are simple, truthful and timeless, as relevant today as in decades or centuries past.

Perhaps if more world decisions were made by musicians like Gokeys Dokeys, as opposed to posturing politicians, discriminating zealots and disrespecting people, the world might be a better place for the rest of us.  The music is good – with all the power, rhythm, richness of sound, and evolution of texture that any world music fan could want.

I am a big fan of African music and am always excited when I come across someone who comes highly motivated and confident about their craft. On “Mkombozi”, Gokeys Dokeys gets yet another opportunity to introduce the world to her own sound and performing spirit.

This anointed African lady, originally from Burundi, presents a perfect blend of classic African flavor with modern urban spice. Her voice is the embodiment of humanity’s need to be heard, understood and loved. It allows worship with movement, with reflection and well-paced thanksgiving. Gokeys Dokeys speaks to the soul.


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