April 18, 2024

Born Rolf Elias Mösli to a Swiss father and Dominican mother, RE Moesli is a musician, songwriter, MC and dancer based in St. Gallen, Balgach, Switzerland. After falling in love with the vibe of American hip-hop, Moesli became obsessed with all things underground, competing with friends to see who could find the most cutting edge and obscure tracks the genre had to offer. One of these friendships led to his first gigs in Europe, as a member of the rap duo MostDefinite. This eventually led to RE Moesli proudly venturing into a solo career. The banging single, chosen to launch his onslaught in the game, is “El Lapicero” (which means “the pen”). The track was inspired by the love for his mother’s homeland, the Dominican Republic, which Moesli promptly visited, and felt a deep connection to.

The up and coming 22 year old, has hit the ground flying with “El Lapicero” – the single counted in excess of 5k plays in its first week and a half on Spotify. This quick ascension potentially confirms RE Moesli’s aspiration that the power of the pen can turn his dreams into reality.

However the artist knows that this initial success comes with the help and support of those involved with the project, hence he continually shows his love and gratitude to all concerned. This is a very rare trait in an industry currently overrun by overblown megalomaniacs. However, though Moesli may be humble and obliging, he is equally confident and determined to achieve his goals.

“El Lapicero” is is a classic “feel good”, and inspiring track that will get your booty off the chair and onto the dancefloor fast. Right from the get-go RE Moesli shows us on this cut that he’s got the art and the talent to create great, awesome music. If you love the Latin vibe, and want a good beat, empowering uplifting lyrics, and vocals that flow like honey on toast, “El Lapicero” is the track to get right now.

The artist of Swiss-Dominican extract, has crafted, both an ear worm and a fiery booty-shaker. The sumptuously layered production by OuhBoy, makes the perfect Latino groove and backdrop, for RE Moesli to design his free-flowing bars on: “Time has come for me to stand out / I ain’t waiting for no hand out / Make myself and my fam proud / I really hope you understand now / I got the flow like this / Half Dominican, half Swiss / Mixed up like coffee and milk.”

The mixing and mastering by Tonstudio Watwill ensures that the beat and the vocals sit tight, with enough musical firepower to bump your speakers off the wall. While the sharp thematic cover artwork by DesignsByGuru, completes the top level presentation of a music product that shines from head to toe.

Full of club-ready rap, driven by a bumping Latino trap-hop beat, and life-loving lyrics, the Swiss-based curly-haired artist aims to deliver a smash single with this track. “El Lapicero” has all the potential to pop up on just about every urban and dance radio station on the planet.

RE Moesli has provided a 3-minute soundtrack that will provoke an uplifting feeling of joy every time the song plays. That’s something the whole world needs right now.

“En mi corazon yo tengo ete fuego. Pa mi gente y mi pueblo, nada menos…” – RE Moesli


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