April 19, 2024

R&B artist Caleb Andrews AKA Drewz was born in San Angelo, TX, but lived most of his life in Anniston, AL. His independent music career began while he was stationed in Jacksonville. Heavily influenced by jazz and neo-soul, Drewz’s album, entitled “Love Don’t Live Here” has gained global attention, with radio play in the U.S., Brazil, Argentina, Vietnam, and South Korea. The 6 track recording leaves the artist plenty of room to showcase his vocal range, songwriting and propensity for eclectic production noodling. The album features diverse producers which gives it a varied flavoring. “Love Don’t Live Here” sees Drewz deliver an album that describes his vision of what contemporary R&B should look like.

As music technology improves and becomes more accessible, certain artists are able to pave their way musically to produce an original sound that is able to inspire. The music Drewz makes also fits into the alternative R&B, which is slowly becoming more and more prevalent in American music.

Artists like Drewz seem to emphasize the importance of the atmosphere of their songs, in addition to the emotional value. This is expressed through layered electronic soundscapes, and a more edgy take on the genre. Drewz’s new album digs deep into influences ranging from R&B artists to electronic music producers.

One of Drewz’s many strengths is his ability to write songs that stand well together in succession. Simply stated, Caleb writes with incredible intention, and chooses production beats that perfectly suit his narratives. This gives everything he records a solid backbone he can shape into something original.

“Love Don’t Live Here” is a joy to listen to and never feels like a burden to the listener. The album kicks off with “Clouds” (Prod. by MXS Beats), a track that utilizes shimmering guitar chords, and deep droning bass lines to create a soulful opener. In fact the guitar is a most welcome surprise all across this album.

Drewz brings listeners to the front lines of his feelings in the song “Love Don’t Live Here” (Prod. by Black Mayo), where his vocal range is beautifully displayed. On “OMG” (Prod. by Relly), the artist certainly uses every single second wisely.

The song starts out with a phone call, then turns into a simple beat before evolving into fully fleshed-out, and organized melodicism, backed by a thumping production. The next song, “Forgive Me” (Prod. by NiNETY8) takes the album in a completely different direction, as Drewz’s vocals filters in a softer talking voice, before busting into soaring choruses.

“Karma” (Prod. by NiNETY8) starts with a really good intro. The song is very easy to listen to and keeps you going along with it, without even trying. Here Drewz puts on his Hip-hop clothing, rapping and singing his way through the urban arrangement. Here the artist gives us a taste of his complex individuality.

His style is made of distinct flavors that create one holistic sound. Through pensive lyrics sung with Drewz’s impassioned, intentional vocals, the closing track, “Closure” (Prod. by SOULKEY), is in itself a subject worth studying, not only for musical performance but for a deeper understanding of what it means to feel human desire and despair.

From beginning to end, Drewz’s album is able to tell listeners a story, showing the artist’s unique capability to unify the wide spectrum of his inner complexities. It is masterfully sequenced to take listeners on a journey full of emotion.

Drewz is able to bring together a group of entirely single-worthy songs and give them a fitting home together, in this album. Bursting with creativity, “Love Don’t Live Here” is an R&B album with an alternative twist that walks a courageous line between the diversified impulses of contemporary urban music.


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