July 19, 2024

The FUTHAMUCKAS, are a musical smorgasbord of hardcore hip hop, rock and bubblegum pop fused together to deliver a unique blend of melodic toe tapping feel-good sound, which is accompanied by sudden changing hard hitting chord structures and double meaning cheeky lyrics which make this band/crew from Sydney, Australia a rare diamond in the rough. Drum rolls, guitar solos, in hip hop and dance tracks, machine gun rapping while playing a guitar, piano etc. (RIFF RAP) is where they are at, a genre of rappers playing instruments live on stage but that can they rap while playing a guitar riff, piano scale without missing a beat or rhyme.

The FUTHAMUCKAS endeavor to present a new era/genre in the progression of hip hop/hard rock creating a new evolution in hip hop, what they have coined RIFF RAP. RIFF RAP is the fusion of playing live instruments while rapping. Anybody can play chords on an instrument while rapping but can they manage playing a riff while rapping. Not many musicians can sing while playing a riff let alone rap.

This is a well delivered energized musical treat that will keep you singing hours after you have listened to their unique brand of music. The three rugged misunderstood motley crew that one day will make FUTHAMUCKAS a household name or a new entry into the Oxford dictionary, don’t care about societies rules, and this has manifested in their songs, giving this underlying aggression towards societies majority way of thinking. This is all hidden under double meaning, quick wit humorous lyrical melodic words that make u wanna get up and sing along with their songs. Enjoy their brand and listen to FUTHAMUCKAS songs on al online sites SPOTIFY, DEEZER. TIDAL, AMAZON, SHAZAM, APPLE MUSIC, etc.

FUTHAMUCKAS are on radio rotation with the track – “Mutha Earth”


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