May 24, 2024

Check out the new singles ”Acid On the Mic” and “Xtra Flavor” by Xilax, distributed via Distrokid and live on Spotify, Napster, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Music , Amazon, Ebay, iHeart Radio and more.

Born in Chicoutimi Quebec, Xilax’s father died when he was just 6 months old. His mother who had barely arrived in an unknown country, Canada, had to do it alone with the help of Xilax’s grandfather and godfather. He has hardly been to school, and says that he does not feel at home because he is surrounded by people of a different color and culture.

Living as a person of mixed color, he was often caught up between both the white and black communities, which proved difficult for Xilax’s daily existence. While growing up, he often had to fight to earn respect.

Xilax is an independent rapper, singer, composer, cameraman, photographer and a marketing consultant.

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