June 13, 2024

Sacramento is home to J Lick, who moved around a lot when he was younger. He grew up in an area called Natomas in northern Sacramento, and started writing in his freshman year, though he began recording in his junior year of high school.  J Lick’s music career got a kick-start when his first song “DOE” played at a school rally. From there he took things seriously and begun funding his recordings. His latest track “WW” (Water Whippin’), features GUPPZ from San Diego, and was produced by Juggboigio who hails from Stockton. The Sacramento music scene of North California has often been overlooked by the Bay Area but Sacramento hip hop has certainly contributed to the industry. With legends and rappers of the past like Brotha Lynch Hung, C-Bo, T-Nutty, Hollow Tip and a few more, Sacramento should not be slept on and should be respected.

J Lick is one of the next wave of up and coming rappers attempting to make his mark in the region, but certainly not limited to there. The rapper is unmistakably Northern California in his mannerisms. He peppers his sentences with obligatory nuances, his cadence both steady and bouncy.

But J Lick’s attention to the mannerisms of masculinity, and his concerns about the dangers of vulnerability, extend far beyond his home region. Like the rapper’s prior work, “WW” vibrates with keen emotional instincts.

In its attention to storytelling, the record is also a much-needed corrective to the glut of over-produced, under-considered rap currently populating the genre. The track was probably not even mastered but its booming bottom end bangs all the same. The track is impressive in both lyricism and musicality.

J Lick’s rapping is earnest and impeccably timed, while the production from Juggboigio, lends the track a wide sonic range, and plenty of room for J Lick to do his thing. “WW” is a compilation of J Lick’s daily anecdotes, but it’s also a celebration of the fact that the artist has arrived on the scene with his own personal mindset and attitude.

Filled with cogent observations and perspectives revolving around his circle, J Lick proves he is as in tune with the doings of those within his surrounding environment. He knows and understands, the wins and the losses, as well as the aspirations and the flaws.

J Lick’s artistry flourishes with the multiple dimensions that enable an artist to truly tap their full potential and reach a myriad of audiences. His gritty flows, vivid imagery, and ability to toy with words wastes no time in getting to the point on “WW”. J Lick is clearly fixated on making the best music he can, and gives the impression that he is passionate about the creation process.

The authenticity and sincerity in every bar on “WW” ft. GUPPZ (Prod. by Juggboigio) is why J Lick is blossoming into something bigger. This project is polished, insightful, and easy to listen to.


J Lick: https://www.instagram.com/jlickthefinest/

Juggboigio: https://www.instagram.com/juggboigio/

GUPPZ: https://www.instagram.com/guppzdakid500/

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