July 16, 2024

HYPE is a 24 year-old Music Producer from the UK. He has just drop his latest track “Test Drive”. The sleek, hip-hop-influenced sounds of HYPE’s palette are not shackled to one sole style as he infuses it with plenty of electronica. His saturated synths and indelible bounce are clearly his signatures, so it’s no surprise those qualities shimmer throughout this latest release. This project exhales confidence, and is a skittering joint that unfurls with the sheen of artisanal diligence.

HYPE’s template balances neon warmth with urban urgency. “Test Drive” is emboldened by the producer’s personality, as he spends time flirting around with synth stabs and swells before tying it together for this tightly wound slow-burn rhythm.

It is a chilled-out seven-minute plus instrumental that floats on a glistening bed of synths and deep elastic basslines. With multiple listens, the squeaky synths burrow into your brain and stay there.

HYPE gives the song a pulsing quality where the volume of certain instruments quickly fades in and out. His bass is loud, his synths are airy and his drums slap hard. HYPE is one of the few producers out there today with a sound he made himself.

It’s music in its purist form, simple. It’s easy to get lost between the beat and sound, and before you know it, the track is over. It’s a cool instrumental to bump for any occasion and I’m excited to see what HYPE does next.


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