May 30, 2024

Dropped my latest video on my official music playlist. WARNING Do Not Watch The Video If You Aren’t Ready To be “ENLIGHTENED”!

My name is Don Pedro and no matter what you’re going through, the demons you’re facing, suicidal thoughts, and depression that’s tearing you down, you can message me via any one of my social media pages and I WILL LISTEN & ANSWER! To WHOEVER IS READING THIS. Know that you’re not “ALONE” and that “YOU MATTER”!!!

I had to come from nothing and became something. Enjoy this song expressing the pain I went through. We all go through things and act a certain way because of what we go through in life. Love yourself. Only you can make a change and inspire others by expressing yourself.

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IG: @donpedroofficial19
Twitter: @WickedArt1900

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