June 20, 2024

Living in San Antonio since birth, hip hop artist Pe$o, has always stayed loyal to his city. So far he has had three successful singles. Now Pe$o releases his latest, and most mature single yet, “Fly Away”, which is available for streaming and download on all major platforms. “I am very happy with my new release,” stated Pe$o. “I look forward to seeing what fans think of my new track. Personally, it is the favorite of my releases yet. I used money and alcohol to cover up the scars, and act as if depression and trust issues weren’t there, but no matter how drunk I got, even enough to fly away, the scars never disappeared. But no matter how much I got beat up and how many scars I had, I knew that if I fell I just had to get back up. ‘Fly Away’ tells that story.”

Pe$o’s third studio single, “Fly Away”, feels like the grand opening of a vision that took time to perfect, using warm shimmering keys, diamond-cut drums, thick resonant basslines and smooth hooks that are ready to skyrocket him to the top of his class.

Each generation only produces a few artists that really find the power to ignite audiences with such a fluid, laid-back and melodic delivery, and Pe$o is one of the very few to bring this tasteful formula to hip hop in such a cool way. To decode the brilliance of “Fly Away” in the greater world of electronic and hip- hop bombast, requires an ear for subtlety.

It’s the balance of the banging kick drum, with the snake-charming lull of Pe$o’s voice, and the easy-street bounce of the bass. It’s the entire beat that feels inexplicably perfect. It’s Pe$o’s hypnotic use of melodic tones throughout the beaming choruses.

In a groove that sounds unfazed, the artist radiates newfound maturity on this song, and traditional zealots of music will struggle to deny the strength of the songwriting and production on “Fly Away”. In fairness, his art hasn’t gone unnoticed in the past, but this is a personal best for Pe$o. The track is irresistible and seeps into your consciousness in the way every good song does.

“Sip on Henny and I fly away. Sip on Henny and I’m getting paid,” Pe$o croons, but later warns: “I knew happiness wouldn’t ever last. Like some cash, but you spend that, then you get it back, and stack them racks to the max. But it won’t solve your problems. If you want to blossom, you gotta see the bottom.”

Pe$o is pushing his style in a fresh direction, producing music that is distinctly different – and better – than his trap contemporaries. “Fly Away” really takes you on an adventure through the San Antonio rapper’s mindset, his way of seeing the world. There is a real atmosphere that is created in this piece of work.

Sonically “Fly Away” establishes the wide expanse of Pe$o’s musical intentions. His talent as a writer and performer really shines on this track, as he nurtures his creative ideas into existence. It’s an exercise in creativity, groove and precision, which you’ll thoroughly enjoy.


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