April 20, 2024

ACE Stunt is a high school student from Madison Wisconsin looking out to make an impact in his region. The first step towards that goal is his single, “No Action” ft. 2l Jacopy. His sound doesn’t necessarily fall in line with the city’s other rappers, with a breezier, lighter pop-rap inclination. ACE is using Wisconsin’s burgeoning scene in a positive manner, speaking to his city and generation’s, ambition and experiences. The track’s slight braggadocio, of course, is to be expected from an artist in search of his own lane and aesthetic. Across the board, ACE Stunt employs his own version of melodic rap, oscillating between punchy bars that he draws out over the beat. Though his music isn’t up-tempo here, his sound is rooted in production that makes you want to groove and bump.

“No Action” ft. 2l Jacopy, is an accomplishment because it lives in rebellion, disregarding what ACE Stunt’s predecessors or contemporaries deem as valuable. Self-awareness is key, and ACE getting in touch with that allows him to separate himself from the pack, reaching territory where only a few of the new-age rappers reside.

It is the unification of SoundCloud rap and the figures who came before, an embracement of an alternating rich history. Knowing your strengths and limitations is a skill that few have. ACE Stunt on “No Action” ft. 2l Jacopy is not only able to recognize and eliminate any limits, but actually accentuate his strengths.

The production is sharp, and the bold, bouncy 808s are sure to slap in your speakers. ACE Stunt’s verses have a way of feeling like extended hooks. He loves to flow smoothly as the pianos swirl in the background. Sometimes he even delivers a rapid-fire flow, showing off his youthful energy.

Of course, some of the appeal of this track is due to the colorful, bouncy trap instrumental, but ultimately it’s ACE’s engaging storytelling style that engages the listener. Without the same kind of industry infrastructure as more prominent music towns, it’s obviously harder to make an impact in the hip-hop scene in Madison.

But people like ACE Stunt and a whole group of upcoming acts have been contributing towards a scene that has been simmering while searching to find the cohesion needed to make things boil over onto the greater Wisconsin platforms.

Either way, ACE broadcasts a refreshing and attractive sonic aesthetic. The gradual pleasure of hearing the counterpoint of his voice and the beat develop unrushed, is alluring to say the least.

The charm of “No Action” ft. 2l Jacopy lies partially in ACE Stunt’s eminently chill composure, as his pleasantly personal charisma shines through. And when the chemistry of his vocal leaves any spaces, the production fills up the gaps, based around attention-grabbing, keyboard textures.

Together however, they sustain the track’s narcotic power, operating in a dreamy harmonic space between dark and light. Ultimately though, without reinventing the wheel, “No Action” ft. 2l Jacopy, feels like a breath of fresh air in an overcrowded field.



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