April 18, 2024

Rudeboi $ouljah’s new single entitled “Slip N Slide,”(available on all platforms) is a west coast vibe produced by the platinum production team The Legion Beats. It’s the first single off of his mixtape titled “RudeWORLD.” The track is on the vibe of the Ty Dolla $ign sound but raunchier. Rudeboi is a street dude so he gives you real gutta bars while he claps back at the hot girl summer chicks, “Ass real fat and it always be poking, my homie hit the pussy now she got that nigga open, I DM that slut tryna bust a nut, bitch act funny ion give a fuck.” He holds no punches.

“RudeWORLD” is a 13 track with visual music, that’s the only way to describe how the songs play out. He touches street culture,with “New Crack”, speaks on police harassment, and brutality on the intro track “Pray 4 Me.” The mixtape is also fun and energetic at the same time with the playful yet sexy track, “Body Talk.” Featuring the Grammy award-winning singer Constantine.

Rudeboi $ouljah’s mixtape is one that you don’t want to miss out on. It will be available for download on Apple Music and Tidal on December 15, 2019.

MORE ABOUT: Rudeboi $ouljah born Brendon Canady in Wilson, NC. His family moved a lot but eventually settled in Kinston, NC. Rudeboi  grew up surrounded by musical instruments and also had a recording studio in his house.

His dad plays several instruments and taught him various keyboard chords, and that’s where his love of music originated from – being around his dad and watching him record. Rudeboi $ouljah also makes beats and has produced tracks for local artists and himself. His latest project “RudeWorld” features 4 tracks produced by Rudeboi.

He produced a track “Blow Yo Back Out”, of YouTube Fame which garnered 208,000 plays at a time that Youtube was fairly new to the scene and that’s a testament to his music creating ability. Back then he went by the name of GS Da Geto$upastar, but because he couldn’t copyright the name due to a conflicting artist and gang, going by the same name, he made the name switch.

This slowed his grind down and during that time he started to grow dreadlocks and change his appearance, but his beats and rhymes didn’t change. While trapping at a hotel his fiends all called him dreads or Rudeboi so he just added the $ouljah out of respect to Tupac Shakur who always spelled the word soulja.

Rudeboi $souljah also has two top 3 Soundclick songs Cornbread Fed & Cornbread Fed Remix. He also recorded a song with Kiosha Moore before she passed away this year from gun violence. She was the sister of Reggie Bullock, the NBA Player.


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