June 17, 2024

Brooklyn born artist RonyKii fuses Rock Rap with an Alternative spin to it, to construct his music. RonyKii stands for Rony Energy, showing off his emotional palette. First full song I heard by the artist was “I’m Sleep”. As I listened to the track, I was extremely blown away with his lyricism and wordplay. He takes masterstrokes when he maneuvers through a song. Sometimes he chooses to completely switch his style within the song sometimes within the same verse without losing the beat. Actually he is the beat most times.

Sometimes he goes rapid fire then slows it up but you never know what he’s going to do until he starts the next section. He doesn’t rap in one particular style but you can see the deliberate rotating wordplay of his influences in much of his work.

His youthful booming breathless delivery is distinctive. It has a heavy and menacing baseline and a majestic hook. And RonyKii’s got a penchant for melody and hooks that puts many of his peers to shame. “I’m Sleep” absorbs the popular braggadocio themes of hip hop, and nails them with a huge-sounding, chunky-rhythmed beat and skittering hi-hats.

Production is unusually cool. Lyrically and performance-wise, RonyKii is coming from his own angle. Smart, visceral, sarcastic, and pissed off, he has the energy of a man on a mission. “Bitch Im sleep, don’t go calling my phone. Bitch Im sleep, I got too many hoes.”

This single really shows RonyKii’s skill of making absolute bangers of an alternative song without giving up any lyrical to emotional quality, a talent very few people have in the game right now. It’s always a treat to see a rapper try something different. That’s what RonyKii does throughout this new track.

His music has a conviction to it, regardless of the pussy-talk theme. An almost angry and dynamic record that doesn’t stray away from honest emotion. Plainly stated, RonyKii gives the listener unadulterated explicit and engaging content.

Frankly, Hip-Hop has seen many pioneers over the years: wordsmiths, innovators, smooth operators, behind-the-scenes wizards, rapid-fire maestros, and game-changers. Nonetheless, there’s always space for exciting new talent, and as of right now, we’re placing a big bet on RonyKii.

Whether you consider him part of the rap game, alternative, rock, new wave, or any other derivative, the man is on fire. He is to-the-core impressive on “I’m Sleep”. RonyKii is definitely a product of his generation and whether or not you understand this type of musical trend, which is taking rap in different directions, its here to stay and it’s making an impact.

If 2018 was the year of important big name albums, 2019 has been the opportunity for upcoming rappers to eclipse their predecessors in urgency and impact. RonyKii is part of the new pack.


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