May 26, 2024

LA based Hip-hop-Soul artist, Mahogany Soul’s new single ‘Black Girl Magick’ is more than just a hashtag. With an emphasis on truth, self-love, and self-acceptance it’s more like a mantra. In a world that has been historically unjust and inaccurate in its perception of black, African, and melanated people, ‘Black Girl Magick’ takes a prideful verbal stance on truth and the love and appreciation of self. While at the same time getting back to the roots of Hip-hop, telling our story, and our truth, accurately.

Who Is Mahogany Soul? Mahogany Soul is a breath of fresh air. Born and raised in Los Angeles, the City of Angels, a place heavily influenced by activism and the arts, love for the culture and the people is in her DNA. Influenced by the golden era of Hip-Hop, Soul and Jazz, with comparisons to idols, Neo-Soul Queen Erykah Badu and Hip-hop Songstress Lauryn Hill, her Afrocentric Urban style and elevated lyrical content is relevant to the times and something the people need.

Dedicated to giving the vibrations of love, light and life through the universal language of music, her strong presence and ability to easily connect with the people, allows her art to be a source of inspiration. “I want people to see themselves when they see me…and hear their stories in my lyrics,” says Mahogany Soul.

Mahogany Soul is on radio rotation with her single “Black Girl Magick”.


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