April 16, 2024

Canadian rapper Xilax was born in Chicoutimi Quebec, of mixed color, hence he was caught between both the white and black communicates, and had to learn quickly how to fight for respect. Xilax’s father died when he was just 6 months old. This left his mother, who had just arrived in a country unknown to her, to struggle on alone. She did, however, have the aid of Xilax’s grandfather and godfather. Now an independent rapper, singer, composer, cameraman, photographer and marketing consultant, Xilax continues putting out new music.

His latest release, is the track, “Got The Planet”. “I created this song for my own good,” says Xilax. “I had to let it go. The biggest part of my life didn’t go as planned. I tried in vain to get my own family. I made this song so that every Gentleman and G’s in this world can relate easily!”

Xilax is clearly in a loving mood as he lays his message out to the world. “This is for my future wifey. I’m on my grind all the time, I don’t take it lightly,” sings Xilax, and then further on makes his intentions clear. “I know that you are out there. I’m out here getting money. Our paths will cross someday. And we gon build a family.”

Throughout the track, Xilax masters his flow versatility, rapping and singing with a more laid-back, melodic tone. After his previous release, I was excited to have a more extensive experience of what Xilax was musically capable of. And thankfully, after a first listen to “Got The Planet”, I feel that he is still capable of a lot more. In-fact, his vocal style on this project tells me he can expand even further.

Distro kid – Hyper Link for all digital stores
Instagram @ https://www.instagram.com/xilax251/
Twitter @ https://www.twitter.com/kyubi251
Sound Cloud @ https://soundcloud.com/alix-lemire
Spotify Artist Profiile https://open.spotify.com/artist/18qg7B9KX5Nq4EdklVzySw
Artist Youtube Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvBg95acNCyXKA9YIKfE2Sw

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