April 18, 2024

Born in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, raised and residing in Jacksonville, Florida (Duval), Bbassi is a rapper whose talent has garnered co-signs from Bwa Ron (Kevin Gates, Bread Winners Association), DJ Scheme (Xxxtentacion, Ski Mask Slump God, Ratchet Roach), and DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit, House of Pain).  In expectation of his upcoming mixtape, Bbassi dropped his single “Woah”, during January 2020. I’ve been listening to Bbassi for a while now, and the artist’s determination to control his destiny and be the captain of his own ship has made him a compelling emcee. The tenacious drive that seeps through his music is what moves artists to the next level.

Track after track, bar after bar, his music is a soundtrack for his own accomplishments, as well as fuel for the everyday lives of his listeners. The hunger in his delivery is again apparent throughout “Woah”.  The choice of musical instruments used in the skittering production of the song, sets the tone and energy.

When you hear the sonics, you’ll understand you’re in for one hell-of-a-ride, filled with depth in meaning; something most hip-hop beats refuse to bring to the table these days.

Sure to have listeners on edge, and listening to grasp every word from Bbassi’s lyrics as they can – the use of booming bass and drums, as well as hi-hats played perfectly, will captivate the ears of any hip-hop audience. The production of “Woah” is a real attention-grabber, as it entices listeners to want to hear more of what Bbassi has to say. This of course is a situation that perfectly suits the artist, who has heavy artillery tucked under his belt.

Bbassi’s voice proves to be as distinct as his worldview and together they demand your attention throughout his music. Everything Bbassi does is with intention: he hunts out knowledge and then employs his findings into steps that draw him closer to his goal, rather than just sloppily saturating the market and waiting to see what sticks.

Motivated, determined, and empowered, is how Bbassi tackles his latest single, “Woah”. The rapper let’s off plenty of steam on this track, dealing out a bucketful of warnings and anecdotes.

“Woah” is a true testament to where dedication, hard work, and knowing your worth pays off. Bbassi wastes no time on this recording, addressing those who may be unaware of him, where he comes from, or what he represents.

Bbassi isn’t your everyday run of the mill rapper, he’s a true emcee. He’s not just trying to entertain you, or trying to distract you. Quite the opposite, he’s trying to bring you into his world and talk to you, motivating you to map your plays out. More importantly, Bbassi tries to show you the bigger picture.

While painting captivating lyrical pictures of his environment and modus operandi, “Woah” truly epitomizes the energy of where Bbassi is currently, and what he represents.

He controls the vocal strength of his delivery, not losing focus and grabbing listener attention bar-for-bar. Bbassi works his way to the defining moments of the song while keeping versatility in his lyric structure and tone. This is modern, new wave rap at its finest.



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