May 24, 2024

Jocilynn is on radio rotation with the track “Mama”. The song is currently available on all major streaming platforms. Connect with Jocilynn on Instagram is @jocievonne.

Jocilynn’s Story: When I was a little girl, my dad taught me heart and soul on the piano. It was such a simple melody that created an upswing of creativity from my soul. Music is my outlet, always has been and it always will be even when no one else is listening. I grew obsessed with playing that piano. It was golden to me even though it was falling apart.

I played by ear and never learned to read notes. I listen and I would turn back and play it on the piano from memory. People who could professionally play always told me that to play by ear is a very special thing. That’s why my father never taught me to read the notes. He taught me to listen.

Music is a gift; it’s a worldwide gift. I grew up obsessed with Lauryn Hill, Arrested Development, and Tracey Chapman. I felt like I could play anything, while I deep down wanted to relay a message in music to be able to speak through my songs. I wanted to rationalize feelings that people feel every day into a three-minute melody. I want people to hear me, so they can hear themselves. Music taught me a lot about myself. Music helps you understand something you didn’t quite know how to say.

I grew up in a crazy, toxic household and went every day of my childhood not saying a word. I want to speak the unspoken and save people like myself from something that once felt inescapable. I want everyone who listens to my music to see that somewhere in that deep dark lonely tunnel, there’s something bright and beautiful on the other side. That’s what I’m about.

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