April 16, 2024

Notwithstanding some serious global issues, the music world is absolutely a buzz today. With all of this new music being dropped it’s become almost impossible for me to make a playlist because everything is so good. However a few names stood out to me. Australian based producer Lyndon Rivers is back to his old tricks on his latest single, “Like A Drug” ft. Kellie Allen. The wise old wolf has wrapped at least three genres and styles into one single track.

The track is as uplifting as the music is, the lyrics do something else that play with your emotions. The effects? Well it makes the song a little electro-grunge and honestly, I think it’s beautiful. It’s the perfect mix of a reckless attitude and the ideal adolescent romance you find among the youth. Pair that with the amazing beat to tie them together and you have a recipe for success.

Kellie Allen’s voice has this sultry essence that provides a seductive yet twisted image. Her voice also has these beautiful breaks that deliver a wave of energy over the listener at every tempo change…and there are many.

Moreover, the lyrics carry an edgy spark and the music provides a raw feeling, yet they balance out nicely. I’m a huge Lyndon Rivers fan. His releases are always out of this world and every song his put out the past few months has been straight fire.

Even though this single is an absolute banger you can easily tell how this song differs from most EDM hits. The tempo is a bit slower but still includes a significant drop, with some serious tempo changes. Maybe too many for the average DJ or producer. Not to mention the lyrics are something that’ll stick with you all day.

No doubt, “Like A Drug” ft. Kellie Allen is a testament of Lyndon Rivers’ continual commitment to developing as an artist. Lyndon has sampled the full bouquet of the contemporary EDM species, and he has grown as a musician with his every experiment.

Listening to “Like A Drug” ft. Kellie Allen, you can catch a glimpse of every one of these prior chapters working together with an unrivaled symbiosis. It has a club-ready rhythm, a more complex melodic structure with less repetition, eloquent and clearly articulated lyrics, and clever, minimal bass heavy synth instrumentation – all the hallmarks of a headlining Electronic act. The raw energy is absolutely there – but it is channeled in more productive ways than ever.

This new Lyndon Rivers creation dials all the crazy down to a manageable level and capitalizes on the top virtues of every trick in his repertoire. It shows progress without compromise is possible and presents a mature and lucid style that is the crowning achievement of his catalogue. Passionate and evocative, “Like A Drug” ft. Kellie Allen perfectly complements the newest metamorphosis in Lyndon Rivers expansive style.



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