April 15, 2024

Shela’Bomb born dated May 30, 1987 is a South African singer, songwriter, record producer, and Graphic Designer. Shela’Bomb began his musical career as a song writer and poet, early in the year 2019 he released “Vivid (Part 1)”, one of his debut mixtapes and was followed by its successor “Vivid (Part 2)” The mixtapes had the hits “Come away with me (Neon part 2)” under [Vivid part 1] and “Cut it off” under [Vivid part 2].

Shela’Bomb then released ‘The Bomb” in the same year 2019, with the hit “As one”. However, it was removed for rights of the beat used to make the song. Shela’Bomb is known for his idiosyncratic musical style, fast slow and elliptical songwriting, unconventional production techniques, unpredictable top selection and wide vocal range. His main genre is Alternative R&B with a touch of Hip Hop, Rock, Pop and Rap with his distinctive sound and style.

Shela’Bomb is on radio rotation with the tracks “Nothing There’” and “Come away with me (Neon part 2)”

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