April 18, 2024

Check out this upcoming artist. lamemory jones is rising to the top of the charts with his new single “s.o.s” feat. keywest. The perfect club banger. The beat alone, be banging like the crips & the bloods. Do the perfect song for every one’s play list if you ask me.

lamemory jones is a musician from Jacksonville Florida. For the past two years jacking for beats was quite addictive for this upcoming artist. You might have heard him on Bms Radio Chicago, Hit Miami 109.9, and i912 radio just to name a few. His hot single “s.o.s” feat. keywest is on Spotify, Tidal, Apple music and iHeartRadio. lamemory jones is looking forward to hearing from you or to request a feature. You can chat with this artist on any of his links or social sites and email him at lamemoryjones@gmail.com

Connect with lamemory jones on SPOTIFY and YOUTUBE

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