July 19, 2024

27 year old Ricardo Padua Ramirez is a Mexican GRAMMY-Shortlisted Songwriter, Producer and Singer. He studied Music Production & Technology in Berklee College of Music and was awarded the “Educational Certificate” of ASSR which is given by legendary music producer and audio engineer Alan Parsons. Padua rose to prominence with his innovative work on the album “ELECTRONIC HEARTBEAT”, which is 100% done within a computer, including the vocals which he executed using Yamaha’s VOCALOID software.

Apart from being nominated on numerous occasions for his work, Ricardo has released 3 acclaimed albums, reached the upper positons on the Mexican iTunes charts and has also been a judge for The Intercontinental Music Awards held in Los Angeles. Not least, he is currently the CEO of the entertainment company “VIRAL MAGIC MEDIA” which manages several musicians, influencers and Tik Tokers from around the world.

Best of all Ricardo Padua has brand new single being pitched, called “Egoista”. Atop trap-lite hi-hats, swirling synths and a slow and steady Reggaeton flavored rhythm, Ricardo’s voice soars as he lets his lover know his feelings: “Your smile makes it hard to breathe. I’m selfish like the winter’s cold. You’re an expert in the art of seduction. Kill me with your scent.” Ricardo pieces sentiments together and the passion is palpable in his powerful performance.

It’s impossible not to fall in love with this moving, slow-burning heartfelt anthem. Ricardo Padua can be a romantic singer and shows all his cards with this new track. The singer’s performance confirms that this song comes from a very honest, real place.

That excitement, that desire that you feel for a very special person – the most pure and intense form of love – is perfectly reflected in this song: “Sunrise and your gaze still kills me. Slow fire that burns the air. I want you to love me slowly.” There are points where “Egoista” delivers something approaching visceral thrills.

“Egoista” is a track of clever production touches, with a profusion of pop smarts. There are a plethora of melodic motifs that dig into your brain: one listen and it is almost impossible to dislodge. Notwithstanding the fact you don’t speak Spanish. It has that sexy urgent romantic beat that just makes you kind of groove to it.

Like most modern genres, it’s a cocktail of styles anchored by its own distinct rhythm. On top of the music, Ricardo Padua’s smooth, rippling voice, is as captivating and supple an instrument, as any in pop, and a true sense of authenticity emerges from his performance.

“Egoista” is so listenable because Ricardo Padua’s performance simply demands it.  The track gives you chills, as if the music is flowing through your spirit, creating the provocative emotions the singer emits in his performance. Ricardo Padua’s music is poetic, passionate, and rhythmic, and completely in Spanish, which gives it plenty of spice.


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