April 15, 2024

I’m not one to make generalizations or elaborate, encompassing statements. That being said, I can say with absolute confidence that the single “For Real” is completely and utterly unmatched, in the current state of emo and mumble rap. This songs will literally change your view of not just hip-hop, but the society that you live in. This track by Muslim Panamania artist, political activist, environmentalist, and master herbalist, Sazone Crusade has powerful commentary, the type that is not suitable for those unprepared to listen. I hate to sound pretentious, but not everyone deserves to enjoy this track, only those that seek to be intellectually challenged.

Sazone Crusade achieves this grandeur not by making broad, philosophical insights, but by grounding his worldview in real, tangible issues that can be framed in the context of personal and societal experience, all wrapped up with undeniably magnificent technique and awe-inspiring lyrical prowess. This is not just a hip-hop track, it is an experience. As Crusade says in the song: “We are at war for the planet. We are at war to save humanity. No-one’s coming to save us.”

Hip Hop really came into a wonderful stage in the late nineties, as a foundation for the beauty, maturity, and consciousness of the genre. Then in the ensuing years it began to fall apart lyrically, especially in its focus towards social, cultural and political issues.

Today the sound quality and production quality of rap and hip-hop music is just phenomenal, and the songs success rides on the vibe it produces.

However the messages about how to stay better in a just and righteous world is far and few between. Finally someone like Sazone Crusade talks about consciousness, liberty, and equality, in and outside of America. On top of it, the music is just plain excellent.

And in light of that, “For Real” makes for an engaging listen. With passionate and thought-provoking lyrics mixed with an effortless flow dispersed throughout the single, it’s clear to see that Sazone Crusade utilized the track to restore sociopolitical consciousness into the rap game and bring hip-hop back to its roots and foundation.

The song is filled with meticulously-crafted lyrics and an effortless delivery – that goes from the spoken word to full on raps. On top of a beat laced with ethereal sonics, Sazone Crusade reveals how many socio-political issues that plagued the world many years ago, still exist today and time has shown that many of them have also gotten worse.

Besides the overarching effort to spread awareness and enlighten his listeners, Crusade flexes his story-telling ability and his delivery demonstrates just how vivid of a picture he can paint with his bars.

This project is flawless from top to bottom and is a shining example of how sharp Sazone Crusade’s pen and flow is, as he tackles the inertia of black pride and any real reactionaries today. “Black kings what happened to you? Black Queen what happened to you?” he asks.

Sazone Crusade manages to create a track that will stand the test of time sonically and is totally relevant in today’s politically charged environment. His drive to create, enlighten, and inspire, on “For Real”, is impressive.


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